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How to get buff?

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LongCrayon Level 108 Windia Ranger
Like real fat people buff where they are buff and fat at the same time.
I've done the p90x thingy for 3 weeks and had stopped cause of school and planning to do it again in the summer.
I wanna be one of those fat buff people lol. I'm a skinny guy and weigh somewhere around 110. 9th grade.
should I just eat like a boss like 4 big macs a day or work out and eat eggs and some of those healthy stuff?
Posted: February 2011 Permalink


Chat Level 11 Demethos
Stop eating junk food. Exercise more.
Feb 22 2011
drink a gallon of milk every day until you are happy where you're at.

From Bill Star.
Feb 22 2011
Eating 4 Big Macs a day is essential.
Although it is a bit pricey.
The chicks dig my biceps though.
Feb 22 2011
LongCrayon Level 108 Windia Ranger
I don't eat junk food that much? like once every 2 weeks?
but I'm not really doing that 3 Big Mac thingy because I don't have a car nor have the time to go buy it everyday.
I'm probably gonna buy some veges and stuff and eat alot of em. like 10 serving a day.
Feb 22 2011
LongCrayon Level 108 Windia Ranger
Why in the world do people think the p90x and others things like it will actually get them results. Just google search the bodybuilder forums and go to the teen section -.-[/quote]

It does give results..
I just worked out for 2 weeks and have like 10% abs and biceps also.
Feb 22 2011
LongCrayon Level 108 Windia Ranger
There's no magical exercise that will give you results. If you lift and eat right then you'll get better results than p90x[/quote]

well thats what I do. I lift and eat right and DO P90X.
still get results lol.
Feb 22 2011
LongCrayon Level 108 Windia Ranger
SS or it never happened. That's right show me your body I WANT YOUR BODY.[/quote]

well it did happen but the ss button on my body failed off so I gotta get that repaired.
but fur realz. I stopped working out after a couple weeks and I had gained results.
Feb 22 2011
ice1cube will tell you
Feb 22 2011

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