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How to get to every city fast?

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aznsoldi3r Level 182 Khaini Marksman
Before it was Momijoka > Shrine > Kerning City > 6 Path Crossroads > Pantheon > anywhere. But I think they fixed it?
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SpearSmash Level 200 Zenith Corsair
I click Root Abyss in the dimensional prison then use henesys town scroll. After that I just go to pantheon
Feb 22 2015
XAznNinja Level 223 Scania Buccaneer
This method has not been fixed, you just changed the way it works. Using the Momijigaoka -> Mushroom Shrine method takes into account where you last talked to Spinel and entered Mushroom Shrine. For example, if you last visited Mushroom Shrine from Ludibrium through Spinel, it'll send you back to Ludibrium. To fix it just talk to Spinel and visit Mushroom Shrine in Henesys.
Feb 22 2015
SilverFoxR Level 200 Bera Hero
Another trick if you have a Mercedes, put the link skill ability onto your preferred character. They can use Mercedes' skill to auto-warp to her town, then use the portal on the right to go to any town in Victoria.

Also, even faster is Xenon, since they can use the Promessa warp to go the aquatic base, then use the same system as the Pantheon portal.
Feb 22 2015
MSmaste Level 13 Scania
Dimensional Mirror > Root Abyss > Sleepy Return Scroll > Panth Portal
Feb 22 2015
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