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How to hard gollux with marksman?

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DistantSky Level 205 Khaini Marksman See what games, anime & art DistantSky is intoDistantSky
So I'm having a tough time with this giant * * *.
My range is 150k, and there are 2 things I have trouble with.

  1. Why tf isn't arrow illusion working. I would attack gollux once to make him lock on to me, and then I would cast AI on one side of the map. And when I jump over to the other side, his head follows me.

  1. How to dodge 1hitko hands? I'm at the range where I'm barley out of his purple breath, but in range for snipe. But his hands are driving me crazy. You literally get a .2 second warning before he thrusts upwards and frankly, that's not enough time for me to double jump up, considering snipe has long delay (even with +1 att speed inner). I tried all possible ways of avoiding his hands but I find no way that is efficient and reliable.

So to survive gollux I'm reduced to stand close to him to avoid his attacks, but marksman suck at close range.
Any advice would be helpful
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BearsBuu Level 189 Scania Wild Hunter 4
I played as I/l arch mage before and I also had these troubles, Maybe you should try bowmaster they seem more suited for gollux.
Jun 05 2015
BearsBuu Level 189 Scania Wild Hunter 4
I've been switching from kaiser to wind archer and now Wh in a period of 2 weeks. At the beginning I had no books at all I just kept lvling. Then I started to hunt some elite bosses at drakes, sand rats, gold beach and got some epic pot scrolls and clean slates, and from there I worked my way up to around 200m. Now I have all my skills maxed + ra set with epic lines on. I took advantage of the 10th shop to get all my gears to epic. Good luck and don't be afraid to switch classes you might actually find a class that is more fun and more suitable for bossing.
Jun 05 2015
yunioracosta Level 230 Khaini Marksman Modesty Guild
I am not able to hard gollux yet , so I don't have trouble with the arms. But what I do is the same, arrow illusion on the right and jump to the left, snipe away freely and without worry. Oh and I've only had arrow illusion not work properly when I have a familiar out maybe you are using a familiar? I am also guessing the arms attack you more often because its hard mode? But I never had a hand hit me in normal mode, Infact it only came up like once or twice during the run and it usually came up on the opposite side of me.
Jun 06 2015
Graystoke Level 160 Scania Kanna 4
Dude please don't switch away from mm. I think with the new update you'll be able to snipe from the very edge of the map so you can avoid the hands? For now though I'm not sure...
Jun 06 2015
cris1000 Level 215 Broa Marksman
Like trancem5 said, if you cast arrow illusion again before the current one expires then gollux will target you. Using another one should fix it. Also, having a familiar active causes gollux to target you. The jaw should be a piece of cake, I think my arrow illusion couldn't kill the minions on the other side at 250k range though so I had to jump to the middle and kill the 2 on the other side after I see 2 spawn on my side. For the eyes, stand on the edge of the platform to avoid the 1hko attacks (red eye seduce and 1hko shout). Still need to watch out for the minions though. Gollux's eye attacks have a cd, so when he does his 1hko attacks within 8 seconds of each other I would jump down and clear the minions. He can still do the hand attack though so watch out for that.
Jun 06 2015
sofy Level 200 Bera Bow Master
Is 150k enough? I have 300k and still cant solo
Jun 06 2015
Cowsonfire Level 250 Bellocan Marksman See what games, anime & art Cowsonfire is intoCowsonfire
Kill 1 shoulder, place Illusion the side the hand WILL pop up on. Stand on the other, summon Freezer/have high damage non-healing familiar kill summon. Hold Snipe, repeat when Illusion dies. Stand on edge for eyes, jewel should be easy enough.
Jun 07 2015
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