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How to level like UltraPolearm's chars - Road to 120. Video

By tailz2k6

tailz2k6 Level 153 Windia Dark Knight
Jan 14 2012 Okay I saw a thread about this literally after I finished the video which took over 24 hours to turn from xfire to WMM to youtube and I wouldn't say that I followed that method that was said, but I did something similar to it.

Anyway introducing how to break the game:

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TreeFiddy Level 105 Broa Blade Lord
>Road to 120
>Stopping the video at 100.
What is this blasphemy?
Feb 07 2012
1st song is eminem i can tell you that.. Just dont recognize the song... but I have every one of his songs...

Actually its a remix of superman
Also at 58 mins theres uhhh eminem-Cleaning out my closet i believe
1:04:50-1:05:xx is Stan by eminem as well. I like your music choices
Feb 07 2012

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