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How to properly show off your clean range Video

By archm0onl

Sep 14 2015 since visual range caps at 2 million, it's better to show your clean range by soloing bosses without damage buffs / potions.

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buccortoo Level 247 Bera Cannoneer 4
+3 was it necessary to make a video out of this?
Sep 15 2015
buccortoo Level 247 Bera Cannoneer 4
@buccortoo: it's a video of ice lightning mage soloing hellux.. plus im bored
@david0696: u r h0t, thank[/quote]

its a video about "how to properly show off your clean range"
Sep 15 2015
@buccortoo: that's the title on basil, u show ur clean range by checking ur stat window
Sep 15 2015
okay u can cap with clean range. or not really. Arcane Aim gives you range. so therefore its not clean.

Edit: I also noticed how difficult it is to hellux as a F/P mage or I/L...

you guys cap but still BARELY make it[/quote]

i didnt use dsi/green mpe
Sep 15 2015
castleage551 Level 171 Bera Luminous 4
You should have used no buffs in the video, or the premise of it was pointless. But with that said, nice damage still.
Sep 15 2015
@hitthings: flame-baiting title for more clicks/comments (9 comments already). thank for favoring my orig title
@castleage551: wouldn't be able to finish the gem without booster or stance (if pushed down). cheap dmg comes with low hps. thank

hope u all enjoyed the vid/music
Sep 15 2015
typemoon Level 218 Reboot Shade 1
What hat is your android wearing?
Sep 15 2015

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