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How to properly use Wh?

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Alfiepoo1 Level 200 Windia Beast Tamer Cat
After the update, i don't really understand how to really...mmm...use WH. There's only like 2 skills to use when riding the jaguar. When the jaguar is beside you, you have the rest of the skills, but with cool downs. So, now i'm lost as to how to use WH lol
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Arazthoru Level 203 Galicia Aran 4 See what games, anime & art Arazthoru is intoArazthoru
bump cuz i wanna know this too,
nexon why drain skills are on 1v1 mode :V
Apr 03 2015
xXlinkedXx Level 201 Demethos Phantom 4 Pandas Guild
Mobbing pre-4th job you'll want to have the Jaguar along side you for its AoE and actual mobbing with 100% of your damage.
Post 4th job you'll be mounted and using WAB to mob, though at the cost of ~30% or so of your damage.

You can sit on a chair and still fight using your Jaguar Skills, nice for SDH to contribute every now and then. You get two additional turrets, also deals damage based on if you're mounted or not. Only really useful one is Hunting Assistant Unit. At max its on 8 second cooldown and lasts for 28 seconds firing in bursts of 4 seconds each (4 seconds attacking, 4 seconds reloading, repeat for 28 seconds).

Only skills that use 100% of your damage on a Jaguar are equipment skills (like the Sengoku totems), Soul Weapons, Dash n Slash, and White Heat Rush.

Bossing is as you think it is. Dismount jaguar, have it tank aggro with its Wild Lure, spam Sonic Roar, don't ever touch Swipe on a boss if its got DR on (doesn't work with Swipe, all others bypass DR). WAB the living daylights out of it. Nice that you can Jaguar Skill during animations like WAB to keep up constant DPS.

Occasional exceptions are when you deal more than enough damage to kill monsters/bosses while mounted, which is great for bosses with multiple hitboxes, like Zakum (and his arms), Horntail, etc.

For the most part, you'll want your jaguar summoned to mob from jobs 1-3, and mounted WAB during job 4, dismount during bosses unless you're taking out multiple parts at once.
Apr 03 2015
iDropTheBass Level 100 Scania Hayato 4
While leveling, I found using the jaguar to mob was too tedious. I felt like I leveled much faster while mounted, the only time I unmount is when I do any kind of boss or Elite monster
Apr 03 2015
Misusing Level 250 Bera Wild Hunter 4 EvoLovE Guild
You train ON your jaguar.
You boss OFF your jaguar.

Reasoning for training ON your jaguar is because of the artillery system we got attached to the jaguar. It makes our main attack skill do more lines (basically shadow partner) and penetrates through mobs. When you are facing an elite monster or boss, you can hop OFF your jaguar and use your jaguar skills.

Alright, so bossing OFF your jaguar is how we do all of our super-awesome DPS. At 170+ (when you get your hyper skill), it'll apply 3 lines of Another Bite automatically on the boss. That should be your starter when doing anything bossing related. Remember, you can use Wild Arrow Blast and Jaguar Skills side-by-side.

My rotation when bossing > Throw down Hunting Assistant Unit > Drill Salvo (optional) > Wild Arrow Blast (hold down) > Jaguar Rampage > Sonic Roar + Swipe (yes you can use these at the SAME time, it just takes some practice and timing)

You can also use Dash n' Slash if your jaguar is humping you like he normally does to me to get to the boss. Using your Jaguar Soul skill also gives 1 stack of Another Bite so if your < 3 stacks because of CD on Jaguar Rampage then you can use it (regardless whether or not the boss can be binded)

As for 170- bossing, you just do everything besides having Jaguar Rampage, so basically you need to charge your stacks to 3. Optimal bossing comes 170+.
Apr 04 2015
Improbable Level 160 Renegades Angelic Buster 4
The most important thing while bossing with WH is to keep that 3 stack Another Bite intact as much and efficiently as you can.

Do use Drawback a lot and get used to it. Set it on a key where it is readily accessible like on shift. This thing will help you lots on Magnus.
Apr 07 2015

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