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How to quit maple

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willca1 Level 168 Reboot Dark Knight
honestly i dont care what some people have to say this is just a tip for the people who want to quit but can't. I respect the fact that people enjoy maplestory and have great fun i used to be one of those people. I just thought I'd share how i did it and maybe help others in the process.

So how I quit maplestory: Well basically about 3 months ago i quit maplestory and I must say personally my life has been much better, I've been more social i hangout with friends a lot more i notice m interest in things seems to be higher and I am generally happier. Well what happened was i went camping in the middle of no where with not much food for 2 weeks with my friend cause we thought i'd be fun and i got to tell you it was. anyways i noticed when i got back my views on things sorta changed, i enjoyed food more...ect then i decided to get a longboard and at this time i sorta played maple but less and less. I noticed i was progressively going outdoors, walking, longbaording, hanging with friends to the point i have quit maple all together. Today i pressed "b" and accidentally clicked enter on the search bar for chrome and it took me here and well i guess i just wanted to share my experience with you guys and maybe for the people who no longer enjoy the game but still play can take advice and move on to more happiness in life.

TLDR: went on 2 week camping trip built a homemade longboard started hanging out with people more and i quit maple with 0 regrets.

Edit: I understand you can balance maple and your social life but for some people that's not an option, I am just trying to help those who are struggling to quit

Edit: I've been looking at this a bit tonight i just wanted to say i guess the message is just if you want to quit or minimize or gameplay time just try find yourself a fun activity that makes you happy and if thats maple that's fine anyways its late here so I'm off to sleep if i ever remember this ill check in and answer any questions.

~Sincerely an ex-hardcore mapler/basiler
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I don't see how Maple affects your social life.
Sep 11 2013
Eat a poisonous mushroom and you'll never even click the Maple icon.
Sep 11 2013
drager260 Level 180 Scania Zero Transcendent
I'm just waiting for my things so sell and cash out before I quit this game. I try to go out whenever I can honestly but now that I started college my friends and I have pretty tough schedules and hardly have anytime to see each other because the little free time that we do have doesn't overlap. That's the only reason I'd log onto the game besides checking or resetting my mushy.
Sep 11 2013
MonkeezMan Level 194 Bellocan Bow Master
This isn't so much a guide as it is a result of what happened.
Sep 11 2013
MisterWho Level 187 Mardia Shade 4
Maple doesn't harm my social life.
Even helps it.
Friends and I commonly set up dates to meet up.
Why does it have to harm it?
I am a potato.
Sep 11 2013
MapleFlow Level 200 Chaos Phantom 4
I still play MapleStory and my social life is as good as yours. Don't seem how it's affects it, but okay.
Sep 11 2013
willca1 Level 168 Reboot Dark Knight
I don't see how Maple affects your social life. [/quote]

oh well i played it instead of hanging out or it was on my mind and i was
Sep 11 2013
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