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How to speak windian?

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pokiitia Level 250 Bera Phantom 4
hai i'm emily :^ ok ok so. I recently made a character in windia, but when I tried to talk to most people, I got a "lol" or "oh hi -goes afk-" or an f6 in response. Note: most* people.

How 2 get anywhere wit a conversation

is ther like specific windian language i should know or somethin halp
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liftconcept Level 230 Bera Zero Transcendent
+1 If you're pretty IRL, put a picture of you in your farm pic. All the lonely guys will wanna talk to you and then get your Skype/number. All the plain looking girls will want be around you. You'll be famous.
Jun 21 2016
liquidjade Level 173 Windia Evan 10th Growth Dystopians Guild
LOl I don't really talk to anyone. I'm trying to reach out and talk to other people. Trying to find a Active guild I can make friends in. xD
Jun 21 2016
bleute Level 250 Windia Dark Knight See what games, anime & art bleute is intoRaiuRaiu
+1 This is one of the main reasons why I initially quit this game before, and will probably be the reason I'll eventually either quit again or world transfer. If you aren't part of any friend circles in Windia, you'll have nobody to talk to, nobody to boss with, and nobody to do anything with in general. It doesn't matter how good your stats/equips and bossing skills are, how outgoing or friendly you are, how talented or unique you are, or how many interesting things you have to say--if you aren't one of the popular people in Windia or a part of their crowd, you'll be all but invisible.
Jun 21 2016
helpingly Level 214 Bera Buccaneer See what games, anime & art helpingly is intoHelpinglySheriff
@ericmart: not necessarily true, I've gone to several worlds and have been able to speak to some pretty decent individuals who were of relatively high "status".

The important thing is that you present yourself as a nice and presentable individual. Even if you look like the typical "n00b" or "mesos pl0x" character, as long as you present yourself as approachable, conversation should flow naturally. Your "status" in the world has nothing to do with how sociable you are.
Also, such responses often come from people who are tabbed on another page and just have Maple open. Probably means that the user is busy or is doing something else at the moment.
Jun 21 2016
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