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How to speak windian?

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pokiitia Level 250 Bera Phantom 4
hai i'm emily :^ ok ok so. I recently made a character in windia, but when I tried to talk to most people, I got a "lol" or "oh hi -goes afk-" or an f6 in response. Note: most* people.

How 2 get anywhere wit a conversation

is ther like specific windian language i should know or somethin halp
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meiguihua Level 160 Windia I/L Arch Mage
Go to cc1 henesys market/park you can talk with people there on in the free market, not entrance put the different rooms.
Jun 21 2016
dliu456 Level 220 Chaos Hero See what games, anime & art dliu456 is intoDLiu456
Start smega wars and then make more posts on Basilmarket. Or maybe get yourself more NX and bright eyes and some royal hair and then hit on guys that already have lovers. Should be easier on a female character rather than a male character.
Jun 21 2016
bioniclema93 Level 205 Khaini Aran 4
Why would you want to talk to those snobby, stuck-up little trolls? If you're a good person with friendship to offer, then screw 'em, it's their loss.
Jun 21 2016
Nymphine Level 212 Reboot Bishop
@marilanna I guess it's because that sort of thing can easily be answered by Googling? A lot has changed in a year and most people won't remember enough to list. If you dig through the official forum/MS Reddit/Basil to an extent you'll see the, "I've been gone x amount of time, what's changed?" has been asked to death. I'm sorry you had that experience though. =(

I world changed from Bera to Windia but in the end it was hard to meet people. On Reboot it's much better for me and I'm glad I ended up making the switch. Windia has a pretty world icon and name (lol) but that's it I suppose. Heard it's been riddled with drama lately.
Jun 21 2016
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