Sad Mask
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Quiver Cartridge

Lets you use 3 different special arrowheads. The quiver fills up again when you use all 3. Press the skill key to change the current arrowhead. You will switch to the next arrowhead automatically if you use all of your current ones. Blood Arrow: Absorbs some damage as HP. Poison Arrow: Does poison damage over time, stackable up to 3 times. Magic Arrow: Shoots an additional magic arrow when attacking.
1Able to use ?3 Special Arrowheads. Automatically recharges
2Blood Arrow: At 50% chance, absorbs 20% of damage dealt as HP
3Poison Arrow: At 90% damage, deals damage-over-time for 8 sec. Stackable up to 3 times
4Magic Arrow: Has a 30% chance to shoot a magic arrow of that does 220% damage