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kakakelvin Level 200 Scania Angelic Buster 4
I'm in some need for my hyper stat build. I saw someone posted in the forum about a calculator and what not, but I got confused putting in my info (PDR is the same as ignore def right?). So I was wondering what is the best build to optimize damage. I am level 205 and I have 384 points. I want to add to crit rate and total damage, but do I max it out or what?
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aeraxis Level 210 Khaini Xenon 4
+1 @kakakelvin:

I'd recommend:
Level 8 each in boss damage, total damage, and ignore defense. This will maximize your damage overall.

Put up to 7 points in critical rate if you need it; I really don't recommend putting too many into critical rate, but ABs are the class that benefits the most from it. Then, assign the rest in min and max critical damage; 5 points in each.

For the dozen or so remaining points, allocate them into status resist, stance, and dex. If you plan on leveling up, you can reset your points later and add more points into min/max crit or boss/total damage.
May 12 2016

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