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I am such sad

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SteezyCereal Level 205 Bera Shade 4
Wu Tang Clan is coming to my city for a comcert. I was so excited...until I saw the age restriction
Posted: August 2014 Permalink


EndsInfamous Level 84 Yellonde Aran 3
Leave Wu Tang to the real fans, youngin.
Aug 17 2014
Zoneflare4 Level 186 Windia Paladin
just pay a homeless guy to get the tickets for you. the ticket ushers wont say a thing when you enter the concert.
Aug 17 2014
SteezyCereal Level 205 Bera Shade 4
They never ask for age at big concerts as long as you got tickets. Well that's at least my experience lol[/quote]

I just dont wanna buy tickets and then they tell me "oh you cant come in."
Aug 17 2014

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