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I cant acces to the game

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Khopp Level 79 Galicia Ranger
Anyone have this problem right now?
I tried to log in on the game on chrome,internet and launched it from administrator but it keeps telling me i can't access to the game i even re installed it
I don't know why it's doing this cause ms was running fine until i wanted to change characters and closed after that, it won't load at all
Posted: January 2015 Permalink


Khopp Level 79 Galicia Ranger
Oh so there's a patch or maintenance today?
Jan 04 2015
Stivik007 Level 230 Scania Bishop
Same happened to me. Tried to relog, got kicked off, now I can't load through gamelauncher.
Jan 04 2015
diosoth Level 210 Bellocan Aran 4
Same here, and I think their NX servers are also down. I completed a bunch of surveys tonight, the survey companies have some of them completed and credited when I check their support pages, but my NX balance hasn't changed. I'm waiting on 1500 NX to credit.
Jan 04 2015
Khopp Level 79 Galicia Ranger
Well right now for me it's patching
Jan 04 2015

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