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I decided to main a Pally

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SquishLife Level 159 Bellocan Blade Master
And I was wondering which setup is better. I personally like the look of a 1h sword with a shield but is a 2h and the holy thingy better?
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As the above said, with extreme funding (as in, a bunch of things to let you break speed cap)
2h + rosary > 1h + shield > 1h + rosary

Though for most players its
1h + shield > 1h + rosary > 2h + rosary[/quote]

what are a bunch of things to break speed cap, decent si, mpe pot, inner ability, that it?
Apr 12 2014
SteezyCereal Level 205 Bera Shade 4
2h sword + rosary > 1h sword + shield
Apr 12 2014
SteezyCereal Level 205 Bera Shade 4
@chandoso: dont tell me what to do. You dont know my life.
Apr 12 2014
SgtCoolDude Level 216 Windia Dawn Warrior 4
2 hand + rosary + easier to get higher range with less funding than
1 hand + shield.

Either direction you go, you can only do as much damage as your funds.

1 hand + rosary? haven't seen that.
Apr 12 2014
dillbert Level 164 Renegades Kaiser 4
What's a rosary?

Edit: nvm
Apr 12 2014

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