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I don039t get much pleasure out of life anymore

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fratbrat Level 78 Mardia White Knight
I don't think I'm depressed or anything... but life is just, well, boring in general. I don't know why I feel this way. Everything suddenly seems so bland to me.

Hanging out with friends in college seems more like a chore rather than leisure. Like, I don't get anything out of socializing with my peers in class. So, often times during in-between class breaks, I would sit in an empty dark classroom by myself and isolate myself from everyone else. I don't feel like talking whatsoever. I'm merely in college just to be in college.

In fact I used to be an avid Pokemon fan. I purchased Pokemon Sun to see if all my childhood "feel good" feelings would come back renewed, but no, I was already getting super bored after playing it for half an hour. The excitement that Pokemon used to give me wasn't there anymore. It's just not the same like it once was.

Ugh, what's wrong with me? Is this just a dopamine receptor problem in my brain or what? Maybe my brain isn't producing enough "feel good" chemicals, hence the reason why life seems more bland than usual.
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readers Level 131 Scania Beginner See what games, anime & art readers is intoReaders
+1 I'd say that it's normal to lose interest in certain things, but it depends on the context. If you used to enjoy socializing with friends, for example, and you used to enjoy being in college on top of the fact that you used to enjoy Pokemon, and now you're finding all those interests are suddenly fading away at once, that may be a problem. That's usually an indicator of depression, especially if those former interests aren't being replaced by new ones.

But first, see a license professional (therapist/psychiatrist/whoever) who can actually help you and maybe diagnose you on these things.
Dec 03 2016
beefly Level 60 Bellocan Beginner Justaway Guild See what games, anime & art beefly is intoBeefly
+1 That sounds like the definition of depression, from people who have depression.
Not necessarily sad, but just an empty feeling for anything and everything. I suppose it makes people sad because they're bored all the time, I've had that feeling before, but not as long as they.

You should seek a therapist to see if it is depression, and if it is then learn to cope with it.

And no, there's no cure, just treatments.
Dec 03 2016
notaxelfenrir Level 201 Scania Dark Knight
did you just enter middle school?
Dec 03 2016
xronellx Level 139 Scania Night Lord
And we're entering those "happy" holidays. Which could probably trigger more emotional feelings considering the change of atmosphere during these holidays.

Suggestion would be the same as the others above, wouldn't hurt.
Dec 03 2016
chakhae Level 170 Reboot Kinesis 4
+7 @stoker: lmfao look at this edgy 15 year old thinking he's hot stuff when he doesn't have any grasp of what mental illness is
why don't you go tell all of the soldiers with ptsd that it's all a choice too? you're a genius! therapists are a scam boys all you have to do is "grow a spine" you figured it out man congrats

in reality please never talk again it's kids like you who devalue the meaning of depression and other sorts of mental illness that the world has yet to destigmatize
Dec 03 2016
chakhae Level 170 Reboot Kinesis 4
+1 @stoker: there you go again belittling mental illness by comparing it to teen angst and then you have the audacity to tell me not to trivialize things lmao absolutely pathetic

if your default response when you read something you don't understand is to stand in the fog of your inability to google and take a defensive attitude, some self-confidence might do some good
Dec 03 2016
antisenpai Level 250 Broa Blade Master See what games, anime & art antisenpai is intoAntiSenpai
+2 Meh, maybe you just need to explore different things, people change in life, I like to do almost nothing that I once liked and loved.

Not sure if you're working, but if not then work, make a lot of money, go on a trip, find something that may not be productive but something that entertains you, have that little thing to do so when you're in this little rut, you can just do that and go back to what you used to do.

For me, it's working on my car and just working in general, it takes your mind off your personal crap and let's you put your all into something else and by the time the personal feelings come creeping up on you, your alarm goes off and it's time to get to work!

If you ever wanna chat, I'm here for ya bud, regardless if you're depressed or just wanna bs with someone, be warned that I curse a lot and am a very blunt person lol

Also @chakhae: calm down @stoker: never meant to belittle mental illness, but if you're going to call being depressed a mental illness then... you need to grow a spine and get out in the world cause the best cure for depression (I was depressed for 10+ years so goodluck trying to prove me wrong) is to just push it all to the back of your head, focus on other things, live your life the way you see fit. Of course the depression is always there, when something awful happens it leaves a scar on you and when you get sad you remember the feelings, but it's up to YOU if you're going to let it drag you down all your life or will you try to move past it and only let it hinder you when you're hurting.
Dec 03 2016
xdarkshynobi Level 204 Scania Blade Master
+1 Both my parents both have ptsd. They get triggered & sometimes I just leave the room they have told us(us kids) to do so.

Really though unless you seen someone get mutilated or have had an IED HIT YOU. Can't really see why you would have ptsd in this fine country I call home.

For real though find something that really makes you want to be above everyone else. If you are passionate enough about it everyday is a waking dream.
Dec 03 2016
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