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I failed my road test twice.

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pikacheww Level 203 Scania Mercedes 4 Justaway Guild
So, on Monday, I took my very first road test. I got 21 points off, but I made one critical mistake. When I was turning, I didn't go to the closest lane. I wasn't too sad, because I knew I had made a mistake. I took it the next day, but the reason I failed got me so angry.

The examiner failed me for 'unnecessary' stops. We were at a stoplight and the light turned green. I always always always look twice to see if any stupid people run a red light. I had a family friend who got hit really hard by a driver who ran a red light. So yeah, he failed me for 'ignoring the signs.' Like, it was for less than a second. It made me so angry.

He told me that I was holding up traffic, but no one behind me seemed to care enough to honk their horn at me. I mean, it doesn't for sure guarantee that they weren't impatient, but I think it was a dumb reason to fail me. I was being extra cautious. I didn't want to get hit by a person running a red light.

Now, I'm gonna wait to reschedule my test. My ACTs are coming up, and I'm beyond stressed at the moment. I've even contemplated taking the bus for the rest of my life. The road test was so easy! I don't get it.

Alright, rant over.

How many times did it take you guys to get your license? I really hope I can get mine in under five attempts. T_T
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killeem Level 158 Reboot Aran 4
i took it today, i was super nervous. then i saw the biggest smile on this woman's face that was giving me the test and i knew i was finna pass, lmao. she was so nice.

i think it's like 2~3 seconds where if you don't go when the light goes green it's an automatic fail here. it's stupid and i can fully understand why you would wait. my mom and i were driving to practice parallel parking and someone f****ing ran a red light and i slammed on the breaks. just go picture perfect when taking the test and adjust once you have the license..

good luck, i heard if you fail the 3rd time you have to wait 6 months to take it again. practice practice practice.
Feb 24 2016
sparkshooter Level 183 Scania Bow Master See what games, anime & art sparkshooter is intosparkshooter
Restrain your personal habits until after the test. Don't assume that other drivers will always make a careless mistake. Be vigilant on your test, but don't make it excessive.
Feb 25 2016
misterpang Level 210 Scania Phantom 4
+1 I passed my test in one try, partly because I knew the location of the test course. I knew the location of where the parallel parking was going to be, etc. so I practiced couple times on my own until I mastered it. I think I had like 3 points off for not making a complete stop once, but that was about it. Just relax, drive according to the speed limit, and you'll be fine!

It also depends on the examiner. My mom, for example, failed her test three times in a row by a same examiner for no apparent reason. For her fourth exam, she had a different examiner and she passed the test.
Feb 25 2016
pikacheww Level 203 Scania Mercedes 4 Justaway Guild
@killeem: Six months? Really? What state are you from? I don't think it's like that from where I am. I'll probably look deeper into it. Thanks for the tips!

I did everything perfectly. My y-turns for both times were perfect. My uphill parking was great. I always stopped at the uncontrolled intersections. Apparently, many people fail because they don't stop.
Feb 25 2016
fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
Mine was unbelievably easy what are you guys talking about.
In mine we just went out of the driving school parking lot, drove a bit to some neighborhood and then drove around in the neighborhood, then went back.
Feb 25 2016
naruto Level 70 Bera Marauder
tbh if you're semi decent at driving, your examination grade really depends on your instructor
i'm an ok driver but by no means excellent (only 8 hrs of practice, fam doesn't own a car); during my test my examiner used her emergency brakes and i made a wrong turn which warrants an automatic fail. at the end of the exam, she told me by no means did i pass but she was gonna let me slide. when i drove back w my driving school instructor, they told me "luck was on my side" bc the examiner i got "never passes anybody even if they've already been driving for years" lol

so i definitely recc getting comfortable with your instructor; strike small yet genuine conversation before you get on the road. most of these proctors are middle aged people who don't want to be there (it's the dmv, cmon) so even asking how their day's been can set the mood. goodluck
Feb 25 2016
pikacheww Level 203 Scania Mercedes 4 Justaway Guild
@naruto: The first examiner I had was very kind. I screwed up big time immediately coming out of the parking lot. He said to me, "It's alright. We'll start over on a clean slate." He calmed me down a lot. The second examiner I had was a grumpy old white man. I tried to make convo with him, but he gave me short responses.

@fradddd: Yeah, I agree. The exam is very easy, but it's the examiners. If you get a bad one, there's no way of you passing.
Feb 25 2016
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