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I find it funny when people say level 200 is easy

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setget Level 149 Yellonde Zero Transcendent
And they don't even have a level 200 character.
Posted: July 2012 Permalink


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@Umatac how can you possibly be funded if you've only been playing for 3 months

OT: It's not easy for me haha, but I guess some people know how to, such as @Ally
Aug 07 2012
It's far easier now than it use to be.
Aug 07 2012
GameAddict209 Level 160 Scania Dark Knight
you must have not played in the beginning.
Aug 07 2012
@Spngbob10l0 this game is like life... its about who you know... Guess I got lucky enough to meet some great people 230k range in 3 months not bad
Aug 07 2012
Chris949 Level 195 Khaini Bishop
Level 200 is easy-er than it was pre-BB no doubt. But it helps if A) Your funded and just good at grinding in general or B) You are grinding a class you REALLY REALLY like.
Aug 07 2012
yea lvl 199-lvl 200 on 7x of exp event is easy.
Aug 07 2012
ZzXxskyxXzZ Level 205 Broa Night Lord
Level 200 is easy ..
*points at my players list*[/quote]

JEEZ, all those same looking level 200s
Aug 07 2012
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