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I find it funny when people say level 200 is easy

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setget Level 149 Yellonde Zero Transcendent
And they don't even have a level 200 character.
Posted: July 2012 Permalink


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Xetryo Level 200 Demethos Hero
Brute Squad Medal.
Jul 24 2012
setget Level 149 Yellonde Zero Transcendent
Level 200 is easy ..
*points at my players list*[/quote]

Jul 24 2012
ironpenguin Level 125 Broa Demon Avenger 4
Meh, Lvl 200 stopped being interesting when anyone and their dogs could reach it in less than 2 days from lvl 1-10.[/quote]

My dogs are collectively to stupid to use a computer, let alone play a game!
And they are considered good examples of their breed, which is known to be intelligent, capable of opening fridges, ovens, and opening doors! And if they are to stupid to use a computer, then they are incapable of playing a game, and thus incapable of leveling to 200 in two days in maplestory!
And if my dogs, being a good example of the breeds intelligence, are to stupid to play a computer, then what about dogs known to be less intelligent?
Thus, i state, that dogs cannot reach 200 in 2 days!
Jul 24 2012
damudo01 Level 120 Renegades Thunder Breaker 3
@ally: where is your life[/quote]

Nexon owns it now
Jul 24 2012
narubaka13 Level 208 Scania Dark Knight
@Ally wth? someone needs a better hobby. Why do they all have the same hair and eyes, except for ONE? At least make them look different >.>
Jul 24 2012
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