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I find it funny when people say level 200 is easy

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setget Level 149 Yellonde Zero Transcendent
And they don't even have a level 200 character.
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I have 1 lvl 200, but since I play EMS that's an achievement I guess. Because we don't have LHC/SH, only Monster Park and you need tickets to enter there.
Nov 10 2012
Bamaman96 Level 165 Yellonde Evan 10th Growth
Once you get one it becomes easy but I've never done it
Nov 10 2012
All depends if you're funded or if someone is willing to leech you at LHC. Did I forget about the 2exp cards? Okay Okay, Yes, the exp and leveling is WAY FASTER now, but if you're just normally training and not leeching, it is not "lululululu lv. 200 in less than 1 week". I'm only level 161 and came back to all the new maple in January. I'm just taking my time since I know it's 10x easier to level to 200 with exp curves and training maps. (Almost a year and not even lv 200 yet!)
Nov 10 2012
batonrougegoon Level 138 Scania Buccaneer
@brub I have a life :>
University, work and friends ~

Level 200 is fast because .. glitched maps + 2x exp coupons + funded !

@xXMCheifXx Yea .. my favourite hair ^o^[/quote]

University, work, friends

I can confirm you that none of your friends like you, you university is boring, and they make you do slave work at work.
Nov 10 2012
hahaha if I add up all the levels of my chars then I have way more than 200

[but I guess we're not talking about that]
Nov 10 2012
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