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I find it funny when people say level 200 is easy

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setget Level 149 Yellonde Zero Transcendent
And they don't even have a level 200 character.
Posted: July 2012 Permalink


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rabelle Level 200 Scania Night Lord
only took me 4 years.
Jul 24 2012
Pwnagewafflez Level 200 Arcania Battle Mage 4
Lvl200 is easy... Just not in an isolated world. No glitched maps + hard to get/buy nx for 2x exp coupons + funding gets you nowhere
But now the worlds aren't isolated, so w/e
Jul 24 2012
Level 200 is only easy if you have high leveled friends to help you out (Joining non noob parties) or if your funded as hell and love ksing noobs out of popular maps.
Otherwise it will take awhile.

Oh, and if you have a huge attention span.
Jul 24 2012
Russyy Level 179 Bera Blade Master
Words cant describe how horny I am right now.[/quote]

pretty sure thats describing it
Jul 24 2012
eyeholes Level 143 Mardia Dark Knight
Level 200 is easy ..
*points at my players list*[/quote]

The hell girl. And all your characters look the same.
Jul 24 2012
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