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I find it funny when people say level 200 is easy

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setget Level 149 Yellonde Zero Transcendent
And they don't even have a level 200 character.
Posted: July 2012 Permalink


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KillSymphony Level 214 Bera Mihile 4
If you play for 3 hours a day you can easily get to 200 in less than a couple of months if you play your cards right.
Jul 25 2012
klu180 Level 159 Scania Battle Mage 4
5 years of Maplestory, still waiting for that lvl 200...... it'll come, just not in the next few years
Jul 25 2012
bli15 Level 34 Kradia Aran 2
Jul 25 2012
Pwnagewafflez Level 200 Arcania Battle Mage 4
@bli15 Holy crap. Where did you get that mask? O_O
Jul 25 2012
I **never** leeched off a hacker before unless ksing them counts ?
I am new to the luminous alliance. I don't care if he hacks or not.
Show me your ss of me leeching from a hacker please, I'd love to see it. You're probably all talk.

1. I hate people like you who get upset and jealous and try to make other people look bad.
2. No one is legit in MapleStory .. unless you play with clean weapons all the way !
Why ? Because all your meso, scrolls and gear is either farmed, duped or whatever related to hacks.
3. I like grinding and training my characters to level 200, if you have a problem .. then deal with it.

Oh .. and I forgot to mention, you must of been pretty upset to result to stalking me in-game .. since you know I'm in Inspiration.
But honestly, here is some advice .. think about yourself rather than others, downgrading other people isn't going to make your gameplay more enjoyable unless your profession is a troll.[/quote]

You're pro!
Jul 26 2012
Played when Maplestory was a year old. Haven't even past (or passed o-o ) 120.
Jul 26 2012
Don't you get bored of grinding after a while?
Because every time it's the same places. Pigs>Haunted House/Aliens>LHC>SH[/quote]

My question is, does she get tired of the same style? Dang @_@
Jul 26 2012
Bluex3 Level 173 Scania Luminous 4
Played when Maplestory was a year old. Haven't even past (or passed o-o ) 120. [/quote]

Same! Never past lvl 120. And still ongoing. Except I started earlier than you.
Jul 26 2012
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