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I found this awesome glitch

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My fame was 2 the other day and I traded fame with this one guy and when I check my fame again it was 23.
So I instantly gained 20 fame. I haven't trade fame today, I'm worried the system might think it's still 3 and add 1 which sets it to 4.
Of course, it is 3 but I kinda want it to stay 23 xD
Posted: September 2013 Permalink


MSmaste Level 13 Scania
You probably just killed pap LOL
Sep 09 2013
Are you sure you didn't just finish a quest that gave fame? Like the pap one.[/quote]
No, I was doing what I would normally do from lv 50-60. When I check my info it was 23.

[/quote] Who is pap?
Sep 09 2013
grawp77 Level 219 Khaini I/L Arch Mage
so wat is the glitch?
how do I get my 20 free fames?
Sep 09 2013
PydrexLoL Level 34 Scania Shade 2

Sep 09 2013

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