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I have not made a Battle Mage since release

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MagicFrappe Level 89 Scania Angelic Buster 3
The last time I ever played a Battle Mage was during Big Bang.
Have they radically changed since then? Does staff speed still matter as much? (I remember it being Evil Wings or Ele Staff or bust.)

More importantly, although fun is a subjective term, would veteran Battle Mages still consider the class to be as enjoyable upon release? Or even more or less?
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DeathmanX0 Level 205 Broa Battle Mage 4
1. Indeed they have radically changed. Some skills changed such as twister spin, while newer skills got added such as Grand Light Aura. But that should not be surprising since its been a few years since Big Bang was presented to MS. So of course there will be some "radical" changes. As of now, staff speed isn't a big deal since Bam's can now buff to cap speed with a slow staff. This means that using a slow staff such as empress/Fafnir is completely viable. Moreover, if you want to break the speed cap, just invest in some green potions at monster park.
2. When Bam's were first released I was already hooked onto the class. It was a mage class to acted like a warrior. As the years past by, Bam's have gotten some nice updates, more noticeable the hyper skill Sweeping Staff. The hyper skill in itself is arguably one of the best hyper skills in the game due to having no cool-down, and almost being able to be spammed. While the trend for most newer classes is having them "Oped" and then nerfed, Bams experience a different treatment where they are balanced. They wont win any awards for being "Oped" but they wont lose any decent arguments. Overall, Bam's have become more enjoyable over the years of balancing patches and revamps towards Bam's. I recommended at least trying out the class again and then deciding if you enjoy the class.
Jun 06 2014
UnfundedGod Level 173 Renegades Battle Mage 4
Well personally, i played a Bam upon release and comparing it to now, it wasn't any different, Sure there are new skills and such but it is still using the same skill throughout 200. I personally love the class though. It's one of those classes that are still VERY viable with team play. Your auras really help everyone. Along with this, I'm pretty sure we have around 100% (think it's 105%) damage from auras+skills which means that your range will naturally be high. It's also nice that you don't see a Bam in game much so you actually feel significant. In all, it's a very fun class that only have a few negatives.

1.High range
2.Still support team play
3.Fast attacks
4.Very good skills

1.Auras seem a little larger from what they were back then
2.Still spamming the same skill, which doesn't have much range (you can teleport while attacking though so that fixes it and that 170 hyper lol)
3.Auras take a while to cast

Personally, the first negative is just a personal thing for me. the second negative just requires a little leveling. The 3rd negative is a personal thing.
Jun 06 2014

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