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I just quit my job

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zetradedd Level 202 Broa Kaiser 4
I could not stand it anymore. It was the most disgusting work I've done. Time to get myself a real job now... I've got a backup that'll last me til November, and certifications to get myself something good. A good resource from my school too.
Posted: August 2015 Permalink


carlyxox Level 245 Windia Blade Master
I can finally sleep at night knowing you figured it all out.
Aug 31 2015
missy Level 208 Bera Aran 4
can you atleast specify what your job was? you're not making it very easy for me to be interested
Aug 31 2015
ecarina Level 245 Galicia Cannoneer 4
I felt the same after quitting my job at Dunkin' Donuts. That place was hell. Where were you working?
Aug 31 2015
denial Level 124 Bera Bishop
Same Worked night-shifts at a warehouse for about a year. I was burnt-out beyond words! I finally quit and gave in my 2 weeks notice and ended up not goin in for the last 2 weeks of my shift. Guess I'll give their future reference a kiss goodbye. lol
Aug 31 2015
idrinkoj Level 127 Windia Phantom 4
Good going. Now go live your dream. Break stuff. Invent something new and wonderful. Start a iPhone case business.
Aug 31 2015
ilikeanime Level 80 Scania Chief Bandit
I'm curious what your backplan and certifications are about (if you don't mind).

@missy if I remember he made a thread about that he worked at a restaurant or something.
Aug 31 2015
fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
I'm gonna assume you're talking about your iPhone case businesss
Aug 31 2015
zetradedd Level 202 Broa Kaiser 4
To be honest with you I don't think you'll succeed. At least not on your first try.

But I've been wrong before[/quote]

Who even are you
Sep 01 2015

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