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I like heels Screen

By Abmi abmiditheels

Sep 21 2011 I noticed my character was barefoot because I had bought perm transparent shoes. . . I wish I had a pair of killer heels on her. For her outfit, made some preference changes since I always see people in this nx. . . I wanted to be unique =[

Thanks for stopping by.

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Whoaa awesome

But the hands' long fingers creeps me out a bit :$
Sep 21 2011
@Moto - I'll take that as a compliment. c:
@t0be - I don't usually draw them clawy but I liked her being creepy looking. xD
@ThiefCerenit - Oh I see whatcha mean, yeah I guess I shoulda drawn the back pudge on the calf insteada tilting it. Thanks a ton. =]
Sep 21 2011
elmodahpimp Level 165 Bera Buccaneer
I love this So pretty!
May 22 2012

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