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I lost my Mesos

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Before the Luminous Patch I originally had 8 mil (which is quite a bit to me.) After the luminous patch, i patched, and then closed the patch window. The next day, i log on to maplestory to discover that i lost 7.1 mil. Im down to 900k. How could this have happened?
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AmyTheDino Level 51 Windia Mechanic 2
You repotted.
Dec 07 2012
I never duped mesos... I dont even know how to. O_o. All my mesos came from pure grinding at ore munchers and neo huroids and roids (and aliens during the double drop and exp event. i got about 4 mil from those.). I'm pretty bummed out because i cant buy any more pots with this money. Im probably forced to sell all my stuff now.
Dec 07 2012
thechingsta Level 97 Scania Ranger
uhm... 8m Doesn't see like quit a lot.
Dec 07 2012
sora662 Level 143 Scania Phantom 4
7.1mil lost is nothing try loosing 600mil then you complain
Dec 07 2012
Its a lot to me, being a poor unfunded noob mapler. Thats what i use just to buy pots to freaking survive...
Dec 07 2012
Iwantodrawnowhu Level 95 Bellocan Aran 3
Too bad im in Bera..[/quote]

don't worry... if you realize that you have the power to quit this game,

ANYTHING is possible
Dec 07 2012
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