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I love visiting California

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[Url=]4 Nisekoi volumes from Kinokuniya. They dont have good manga stores in Hawaii. Also $1.50 Ping pong rackets from Daiso[/url]
[url=]$47 Cole Haan shoes from Marshalls[/url]
There were a lot of good Vietnamese restaurants. And the bobba milk tea (I liked AU and Half and Half.) were so good. you cant find good bobba in Hawaii.

I would like to visit CA again. But my next trip will be Hong Kong when I save enough money.
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Yumtoast Level 146 Broa Shadower
California masterstate reporting in
Jul 20 2014
You should try eating out at Vegas Seafood Buffet and Cheesecake Factory. The food there is delicious ^^
edit: and Chipotle too
try Macy's if you need to shop for clothes
Jul 20 2014
LuckyNinja Level 129 Windia Zero Transcendent
I'm assuming you hit Santa Ana already (because of Vietnamese restaurants and all.)
Downtown LA is also fun. Lots of stores that sell things for cheap (because they're all made in china) and some good sandwich restaurants.
Jul 21 2014
Irony Level 128 Windia Dark Knight
i dont think ive been to california for a long time but the only reason i would go is for a convention of some sort

i personally enjoy going to asia much more
Jul 21 2014
AppleDestroyer Level 205 Broa Corsair
apparently every in America is cheaper than Europe and etc.
Jul 21 2014
RitoPls Level 145 Bellocan Angelic Buster 4
When I go back to California to bang this Mexican girl, I'm going to eat In-N-Out every day.

The fries suck but I miss the burgers.
Jul 21 2014
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