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I made a font Screen

By lettucing

lettucing Level 147 Bera Dark Knight
Nov 09 2013 has been downloaded over 15k times, go me. this is truly a work of art.

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I'm confused, screens like this are allowed now?[/quote]

I guess it's considered ''Art'' and is on the ''Other'' section.

Meaning anyone can post non-related maple pictures as long as they choose the Other section.
Nov 09 2013
gatotsuwolf Level 163 Bera Hero
I will use this font, if only for the name. That is an excellent choice, good job, sporks are the most useful eating utensils on the planet.
But a tool like that in the hands of someone truly evil... That is a scary thought. With th efficiency of a spork, they would probably be capable of eating the entire planet.
I will use this text if I ever plan on writing a horror story.
Jul 28 2014

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