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I need help with a stalker

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Ok so at my school there is this girl. Who is ugly. No more like hideous . Anyways she's got this humongo sized crush on me and idk the best way to turn her down.
She won't stop stalking me either. So, Basilers, tell me the best way to keep her away from me. TY
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Tell her to f*** off and say get your self a hideous bf bruh this one aint ugly [hopefully you arent ugly] lol
Apr 13 2013
Ecoutie Level 200 Scania Mercedes 4
Ugly girls need love too!
Apr 13 2013
Sous Level 155 Galicia Aran 4
Ugly girls need love too![/quote]

So why don't they get it from ugly guys?
Apr 13 2013
[url=][/url]spring786 yeah she thinks we r friends. She thinks so cuz we are in two classes at school. Barely even speak to her lol
Apr 13 2013
FriedSnake Level 42 Broa Angelic Buster 2
Slaughter her family
Apr 13 2013
I have plenty of other fish in the sea. Especially since i'm closer to popular than rock bottom idiots.
Apr 13 2013
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