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I need some Dark Knight guidance

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yoloswag6942042 Level 147 Scania Night Lord
So I'm a level 202 Dark Knight, and I've reached this point where my equips are pretty good and I'm too poor to upgrade. At this point, I don't know what to do to increase my range. Can I get some suggestions? These are my equips.

Helm: Royal Warrior Helm, +115 STR, +3 Wep ATK, 6% STR
Face: Sweet water Tattoo, +51 STR, 7% STR
Eyes: Evolution Sunglasses, +18 STR, +1 Wep ATK, 15% STR
Pendant: Superior Gollux Pendant, +71 STR, +21 ATK
Earrings: Superior Gollux Earrings, +64 STR, +34 ATK, 9% STR
Belt: Superior Gollux Belt, +106 STR, +55 ATK, 6% STR
Ring 1: Superior Gollux Ring, +56 STR, +28 ATK
Ring 2: Silver Blossom Ring, +30 STR, +2 ATK, 6% STR
Ring 3: Tempest Ring, +29 STR, +2 ATK, +5 All Stats, 2% STR
Ring 4: Pinnacle Ring: +25 STR, +2 ATK, +6 STR
Shoulder: Meister Shoulder, +48 STR, +9 ATK, 6% STR
Chain: Berserk Chain, +10 STR, +3 ATK, 6% STR, Ignore 15% of enemy def
Emblem: Gold Maple Leaf Emblem, +10 STR, +2 ATK
Badge: Rising Heroes Badge, +10 STR, +10 ATK
Chest: Eagle Eye Warrior Armor, +89 STR, +3 ATK, 6% STR
Pants 1: Black Neos Pants, +25 STR, +10 ATK, 16% STR
Pants 2: Trixter Warrior Pants, +85 STR, +3 ATK, 6% STR (I wear these for bossing)
Cape: Tyrant Hyades Cloak, +173 STR, +30 ATK, +12 STR
Gloves: High Quality Dimension Gloves, +48 STR, +28 ATK, +5 All Stats, +10 ATK, +6 STR
Boots: Blue Dragon Boots, +45 STR, +1 ATK, 12% STR
Weapon: Fafnir Moon Glaive, Fast Speed, +89 STR, +255 ATK, 21% STR, Ignore 30% of enemy def, Soul weapon

Which equips are the cheapest to upgrade? Thanks. What else can I do to increase my range? Thanks.
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LaCouleur Level 160 Windia Battle Mage 4
what is ur range ?
Jun 06 2015
yoloswag6942042 Level 147 Scania Night Lord
185-206k clean, 433k-481k fully buffed
Jun 07 2015
LaCouleur Level 160 Windia Battle Mage 4
185-206k clean, 433k-481k fully buffed[/quote]

are your item unique or less/more
Jun 07 2015
icedemon9 Level 210 Galicia Hayato 4
@LightZero can help mayb[/quote]

Alyssa can't include me too? I'm sadden

Have you enhanced your PA? I feel you can get some WA on that and get more bang for your buck there
Jun 07 2015
Savaah Level 210 Demethos Kinesis 4
@icedemon9: wat ur a drk?
oh right lmao
Jun 07 2015
yoloswag6942042 Level 147 Scania Night Lord

Helm: Epic
Face: Epic
Eyes: Unique
Earrings: Epic
Shoulder: Epic
Chain: Epic
Cape: Rare
Gloves: Rare
Chest: Epic
Legs: Unique
Boots: Legendary
Belt: Epic
Pendant: Rare
Polearm: Legendary
Ring 2: Epic
Ring 3: Epic
Ring 4: Rare

@icedemon9 It's already at 12 stars.
Jun 07 2015
GoXDS Level 201 Scania I/L Arch Mage
you'd probably want Reinforce Gollux Ring (if you solo, it's basically free. potentially even Alchemy Fuse rings till you get something).
Emblem needs pot. if possible you would much prefer %Watk on Weapon/Secondary but if cubes are out then it's w/e
various other equipment needs pot, too though Emblem is most likely to improve your range the most since it can give %Atk

EDIT: well, I see they all have pot already, just nothing of use. so you can ignore my comments on that
Jun 07 2015
LightZero Level 202 Zenith Dark Knight
You lack quite a bit of boss damage and atk% I suggest recubing the pdr lines. At low ranges you need not be concerned with it. Eg. your weapon has good str%, but i bet 1 line of att 9% or 12% can give you much more range... although because its 21% str its not the first thing id cube.
Enhance pa to 12 stars if you can cos it seems u havent done that, otherwise you would get some dex. You are covered more than enough for stats %, there needs to be that balance of boss dmg and atk%.
So, the first thing is probably cubing emblem for att%(really helped me out in the initial stage of range gaining), then recubing the sub weapon for att of boss and you can keep the weapon as it is but you probably need to get some boss damage from some source (aka wep or sub weapon). eg: for me i get most of my boss damage from my sub (60% bd and 9% str) whereas most of my att from my weapon and emblem.

@Savaah is baka @icedemon9 showed me the ways of drk lel and that other gurl/dood that made drk knight guide.

Edit: if 255 att is your weapon att for pa after enhancing to i suggest you take advantage of the +9 att scroll event going on now and make a new polearm for the price of a bit of your time (making mules to lvl 33) And you will probably have to recube that too but.. at least you have an endgame weapon :v
Jun 07 2015
icedemon9 Level 210 Galicia Hayato 4
It's already at 12 stars.[/quote]

12 stars? I kinda think you should re-scroll the weapon somehow because 255 atk seems pretty low if you already have it at 12 stars. I always say start with the weapon and then work on the rest of the gear
Jun 07 2015
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