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I think they nerfed the cube rates...

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shini Level 120 Mardia Mechanic 4
I forgot how I wanted to make this thread. I thought to make it yesterday but, I fell asleep early.

I did wanted to start off saying that... NEVER ever- under any circumstances- spent larges amounts of real money on Nexon Cash all at one time within a short amount of time for cubing, or simply funding yourself. ESPECIALLY nowadays. I've been saying this actually for a long time. And it seems many of you found out the hard way to why this advice shouldn't be completely disregarded, pushed aside or ignored.

Things like miracle time are just marketing methods Nexon use to pressure you to spend more & more money at one time, along with the supposed increased tier-up rates that occurred with the "A Better Maple". While you don't really benefit from it. They're the ones laughing while running to the bank with your hard-earned money with their middle finger raised at you.
Let me elaborate.

I say this because, well you're the one who's getting ripped off. And I say that because... I'm 80%+ sure Nexon did indeed nerf the cube tier up rates.
Something cross my mind... You have to keep in mind that. At anytime- in which i think already happened- Nexon could nerf the rates or rather slowly decreased the rates during any update or maintenance that happened overtime throughout the weeks & months. And there's no way you could prove that it happened. For as far as anyone concerned the cube rates could be as bad or nearly as bad as they was around the time red/blacks were released. Or they could of remained untouched.
To get a better understanding of what I'm trying to say here; Imagine having a pot full of 200 pennies. Then having someone steal a few pennies from that pot once a week. Naturally when you check your pot after like a few weeks, you wouldn't notice anything is missing at first. Now imagine if that person keeps stealing those pennies every week for several months. When you look back at your pot full of pennies after that several months, you'd noticed something is wrong.

Around early-mid 2015, I was able to get a few items to legendary with only a maximum of around 10 black cubes. Nothing more. Actually with black cubes, if i want to be literal... I got items to legendary with only around 5 to 7 blacks. With red cubes I was able to get epic tier times to unique with me only having to use... I want to say a maximum of 5 to 6. These were rewardshop cubes too haha. And this was without miracle time btw.

With that in mind, i find it VERY VERY interesting that several months later, this doesn't really happen anymore. I know that everything revolves around RNG, but the average odds of you tiering up should not be significantly lower as it is now.

What crossed my mind is that since we have reboot, which is a non-paying to progress server. Nexon have to do something to bring in more profits to balance it out. Since many thought with reboot as popular as it is... Nexon could lose profits if the majority focused on that server. Since ya know... You don't have to spend real money on an item that requires large quantity's to get beneficial stats.

But of course I could be wrong(At this point, I know I'm not though)... Regardless. This is why I always tell people it's best not to spend large amounts of real money on a game like MapleStory & risk getting burnt bad since this issue is always out there. You shouldn't even have to spend that much money on any computer-game. MapleStory is an MMORPG game after all. The entire point of games like these is to go on adventures & progress. And as you progress your character becomes stronger & more developed for you to take on more challenging tasks. And you do all of this just by strictly playing the game regularly, and having fun doing so.
What I mean basically is... If you have to spend real money to get stronger whether it be a shortcut or not... Especially LARGE amounts of real money within a short amount of time(Like spending several hundred within 30 days of playing). There's something very wrong there. Just because Nexon is a company or a business or whatever doesn't justify this.

Wanting to make a living or running a successful business could only go so far until you're just a corrupted, materialistic, shallow, greedy person. And all you care about is profits, to the point where you'd try to make money by any means necessary even if you have to become dishonest, careless or sneaky with your service just to try to bring in more money.
I think When it comes to times like these with miracle time. Nexon is mostly just being sneaky than anything else.

Honestly, how many of you can say you truly benefited or is very satisfied with the results you got from spending hundreds/thousands of dollars this miracle time?

Nexon is lying to you & is tricking you by using miracle time so you can spend more money then necessary. Miracle time is only a marketing ploy to pressure you to spend lots of money to gain little or nothing worthwhile in return. While they're the ones who's winning in the end.

They also over the course of several months, nerfed all cubes tier-up rates. So when not only when there is a miracle time event, you're further pressured to want spend more money then what is needed... They designed to where a little event that only occurs 2 or 3 times a year is necessary now that you need it to progress at a reasonable rate. While they could still profit from you. Especially due to the reboot world being out.

Finally, what i keep stressing; never spend larges amounts of at one time- within a short amount of time on MapleStory regardless of any circumstances that would intrigue you to want to do it. Because at the end of the day, Nexon will make sure they're the winner.
Just play the game normally how it should be played, and have fun doing so. Don't try to spend lots of money to fund yourself & think you could benefit from it significantly when in reality, you can be just as good by spending little to no money at all.
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genji Level 203 Galicia Blade Master
somewhat agree b/c I had better luck tier-ing up with masters/meisters/red w/o the double miracle time. for ie. took like 1 master cube to rank from epic to unique many times.
Dec 20 2015
mvietp09 Level 180 Bera Dark Knight
I agree about the tier up and miracle time not being much better. I honestly think their rates are pretty bad. It's probably like an oscillating thing like they increase the rate at specific times within the hour that people cube. I always saw chunks of people getting the "double miracle buff" but then it stopped. Then another chunk came up and it stopped. I honestly think there is someone literally pulling the switch on and off on the other end and altering the rate to be really high one minute and really low another. Then on regular maple time, they leave it at the normal "higher tier" rate which means it's actually better to cube off of miracle time because it's a consistent rate versus an oscillating one.
Dec 20 2015
yunioracosta Level 230 Khaini Marksman Modesty Guild
This wouldn't be a problem if we had a law like Korea does where they are obliged to show the rates. I agree 100% with you and I take your advise to heart seeing as I spent over 100 dollars and only tiered up two items and my guildie had it worse.
This is sad that it has come to this point in this game , this literally means that if you want to do bosses like hard magnus and lotus you literally have to spend well over a thousand dollars.
Dec 20 2015
laudier Level 230 Zenith Dark Knight
skepticism can produce some interesting concepts. but with feelings of guilt or shame, it can produce perceptions of how the customer is always right. some customers aren't just victims but can be wrongdoers. yet shame doesn't necessarily make a person who cubes/compulsively spends into an unsalvageable sinner. i spent a bit during miracle time. feeling cheated is just a risk that happens with gambling-type activities.
Dec 20 2015
iamaurian Level 204 Reboot Blade Master
+5 There are several things I don't like about this post. First off, your argument begins with a non-biased and rational premise, but as you go on you begin to gradually reveal that this post was founded on your own discomfort and disappointment, and that the entire thing potentially has nothing to do with the fact that they might've dropped the rates at all. You start off with one point but your final point is essentially "Do not buy and waste nx on an mmorpg like maplestory". This doesn't sound like a rational conclusion, it sounds like something you would say if you were mad or disappointed with your own results.

Which brings me to my second point, what evidence do you have? You used up to 10 cubes once in 2015 and once yesterday, and thats supposed to indicate to us that the drop rate has been nerfed? Do you even realize how much error there is in that "experiment"? Go use 1000+ cubes, measure the difference, and then maybe I'll think about believing you. It is just inconceivable that you could think that your personal experience with the extremely limited amount of data you have combined with your memory of something that occurred a year ago could possibly be used to realistically estimate the cube tier-up rate. It just doesn't make sense. I sympathize with your rant, I'm sorry you were disappointed, but this post means nothing.

On a side note, I got 3 tier ups in 7 black cubes
Dec 20 2015
terrorface Level 234 Reboot Night Lord
I used only a handful of cubes this week and tiered up quite a few of my items.
Dec 20 2015
asianboii59 Level 200 Bera I/L Arch Mage
There's no way you'll know the rates unless someone is willing to spend a lot of $$ and record the results. If people knew what the rates were they would not buy it sometimes and that hurts Nexon.
Dec 20 2015
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