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I want a reboot server without mesos

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ulieq Level 166 Reboot Hayato 4
I want a reboot server without mesos
Posted: April 2016 Permalink


hydraxide Level 230 Elnido Night Lord OKOCafe Guild
+7 "Nexon I don't wanna have any types of real life money mechanics! You suck Nexon!"
"Nexon farming mesos is too hard, make it go away! You suck Nexon!"
"Nexon why doesn't gear fall from the sky? You suck Nexon!"

Go play neopets.
Apr 07 2016
ulieq Level 166 Reboot Hayato 4
Mesos should be removed because it just bot farmed. Removing mesos will improve the quality of the game.
Apr 07 2016
intjmikey Level 248 Scania Blade Master
@hydraxide: my man dont bash neopets its actually pretty lit

that reminds me, LF>neopet igns
i need only some of the pets like kacheek, chomby, krawk
Apr 07 2016
galbatore Level 185 DemethosEMS Buccaneer CandyLovers Guild
@hydraxide: The irony is, Neopets I remember being actually pretty f-in' hard to gain NP on!

OT: play a private sirver. There's no shame in it. If you want to run with jobs at high levels and nigh-maximum efficiency fast, they're the way to go. You get to blow up all the tings you want. But such an experience is where the private sirver can make its provision, and were it to become a thing on the official servers, that'd be disastrous for both official and private.
Apr 08 2016
ulieq Level 166 Reboot Hayato 4
Apr 08 2016
terrorface Level 234 Reboot Night Lord
Sure, a lot of people on Reboot bot/afk farm because they're lazy/dumb/etc., but it's not like making mesos legit is really difficult at all. Invest in mesos gear and possibly a mule to farm on if you can't do so on your main.

But tbh, you're probably just super lazy.
Apr 08 2016
cocopuffs Level 151 Reboot Cannoneer 4
I want a maplestory with no items, mesos, nx, or rewards points. Just what you get to start with when you make your character. That is the only true way to level the playing field.

P.S. Neopets economy is hella bad. You think it's hard to get mesos in maple, I dare you to try to get anything in Neopets... see you in 100 years...
Apr 08 2016

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