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IGN for BattleMage

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The hardest part of a character for me.

Im gunna make a BM, but I dont have any ideas for Battle Mage.

xL0NeW0LF is my only idea....
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NecroBlox Level 114 Bera Bishop
Im selling GearxMagic ign cheap if you want.
BaMs are my style but I need money LOL
Jul 19 2011
How about MattleBage?
Jul 19 2011
BattleMageVG is a great name
Jul 19 2011
Mines asurachains, was happy when it wasn't taken
Jul 19 2011
Try being creative with it... bams uses aura so u can put something like xLostAuras or xBaMsAura idk i just came up with it so just be creative with it
Jul 19 2011
Blazetent Level 204 Broa Buccaneer Nimbus Guild
Iunno..BAMBAM, BAMuUP, BabyBaM, BaMosaurus or McBaM...take ur pick.
Jul 19 2011
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