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If Nexon made a Pre-BB server, would you play it?

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pilox Level 216 KradiaEMS Beast Tamer Shared
Would you guys join? For newer players, would you try it?
Say, if Nexon one day went and set up a v0.62 server or something, would you try it?

just interested to see peoples opinion.

Runescape did it, and it was a huge success, Reboot is the closest thing GMS has to pre-BB, and its the most active server on the NA side.
An additional server next to the official one, without cubes or vicious hammers, it wouldn't cost Nexon too much and it would probably bring back hundreds, if not thousands of players who are nostalgic and grew up with the game. YouTube reeks of videos where hundreds of people all reminisce the old days.

Of course, this is almost guaranteed wishful thinking, as (probably) none of Nexon's sub branches can do something that big without Nexon Korea doing it first, or giving a green light, but if a scenario like that happened, would you play it?

Me personally, if enough people started playing there, I'd probably make it my main server for a few reasons;

  1. Old MapleStory was tougher, people had to stay in the same map for a longer period of time, allowing people to make bonds and friends.
  2. PQ ruled. People flocked to Kerning PQ, Ludi PQ and Orbis PQ, you made a new friend every day, and most of all, the PQs were fun!!
  3. Damage wasn't king. But the one with the most patience was king.
  4. No cubes. The gap between rich and poor would drastically decrease.
  5. Friendship. The way the old MapleStory worked, it allowed for people to make friends a lot easier, either through the long boat rides, PQs, or Forest of Golem, and a player is a lot more likely to return if they've got friends.

Nexon could also take the best of the new maplestory and put it into the old, like party maps, where you get 100% exp, or x amount more exp per party member, encouraging more party play and ease the hard training for newcomers.

Of course such a server wouldn't be for everyone, but I am quite sure it would be a huge hit, and if Nexon did it right, it could have very well ended up a great additional income source. Nexon would have the new server for those who want to be strong and do raids and more, and they would have the old server for old farts and people who care more about community, quests,parties and the grind rather than damage.
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beefly Level 60 Bellocan Beginner Justaway Guild See what games, anime & art beefly is intoBeefly
Probably not, since that would exclude BaMs.

Although playing my pally the old fashioned way sounds nice, but I enjoy grinding on my current BaM than any version of pally. I do like the old Blast's animation, so bossing would be nice, if only the bosses weren't nearly all neutral, literally just stuck to BF hunting with the occasional Pianus.
Aug 13 2017
zcrimsyn Level 30 Windia Mercedes 2
This thread has already been brought up like 3-4 weeks ago? Anyways no I wouldn't play it because the community has changed a lot. The main reason why pre-bb was so "great" was not because of the type of content it had in it, but because the community that resided in it. If Nexon decided to make a pre-bb server now I can guarantee you that the majority of players will get tired of it less than a few months.

Everyone right now is so used to the fast pace lvling, the solo content, and the fast travels that they will most likely quit once they realize the grind is too "hard". If for some reason there was a way to bring back that old community than maybe I'll play it, but since you can't turn back time and it's not likely that the current generation of players will adjust to the old system then it's not going to be the same.

Also note that potential was pre-bb so there would be cubes back then. You are talking about pre-potential era which im not exactly sure that was. I think it was before DBs release date. Also the long boat rides from what I remember everyone just afk'd in them anyway. Only in the beginning of the beta times those long boat rides people had fun and talked together and stuff. After awhile though most just afk'd. You don't really need a long boat ride travel though to be social in this game. Plenty of areas to be social in that people do not use because let's face it this game social content had died and it turned into a solo game now. You can easily use hene or any town for that matter to have a place to "chill" at.
Aug 13 2017
pilox Level 216 KradiaEMS Beast Tamer Shared
+1 @zcrimsyn: You're 'guaranteeing' a lot here, for something you really can't guarantee at all, lol.

In total, private servers for pre-BB MapleStory has thousands of players, I saw one earlier today (forgot its name) that was pre-BB and had 450 online players, and that was just one. It had 4x exp but that was it.

You tell me it was the community that made the old game and the "new" community would get tired of it in an instance. So me thinks you either blatantly ignored my post or didn't understand it.

Read through part 1-5, where I do explain how the old game was better at exactly "forming communities".

The current new-gen players might prefer the new servers, but there are many people who don't want to play it, who would actually play the old one. It definitely won't compete with Maple in its glorydays but if Nexon didn't ruin the server, it'd probably have a few thousand players immediately after launch, and it could stay that way, increase or decrease, all depending on how Nexon handles it.
Aug 13 2017
sera Level 102 Windia Priest
+1 I joined MapleStory 10+ years ago (just as Aqua Rd was released) and it was fantastic for all the reasons you mentioned. Plus I met friends back then that I still have contact with now. Out of nostalgia every 6 months or so I re-install it and play but it's just not the same. There's so much stuff that I can't actually wrap my head around it all. Things like mining, that farmville thing, that superstar thing, maple high, scrolls, cubes... like 20 quests and events waiting for me and it's all just so confusing and bloated and there's just no way to catch up on everything without spending 24/7 on MS.

So yes I would love pre-BB, or maybe just a maple lite that isn't so excessive. I really want to like MS as it is, but the learning curve is just way too hard to overcome.
Aug 13 2017
helquin Level 120 Scania Shade 4
Yes, if and only if the community that would play there would be similar to what MS had back in around 2009.
Aug 13 2017
oriontempest Level 218 Broa I/L Arch Mage
+1 Nope, because it was nothing more than a boring, lengthy, grindfest back then. And damage was still king back then as well.

But then again, I prefer going around to various areas and doing questlines over running K/LPQ 20+ times a day for a level.
Aug 13 2017
alexislord Level 147 Windia Paladin
+1 Yes and im currently playing a PS of one right now with around 1.5k-2k player a day. it currently more fun and simple than all that stuff the current maple have (too much content that doesn't interest me also).

I admit I miss some content on the current maple (mostly items,monster and maps) but the old ms has a way that the new one will never have back.
Aug 13 2017
readers Level 131 Scania Beginner See what games, anime & art readers is intoReaders
Not really. The grindfest is not something I would want to engage in today. There's a time and place for everything, and I was fine with older pre-BB and pre-potential MS only because I had the time and was willing to play through the grindfest.

Not to say that the server won't succeed: to reiterate my overall point from a thread made a few weeks back about a pre-BB server, I believe it can work in the same way that an old-school RuneScape server has worked.
Aug 13 2017
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