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If anyone wants a refund for Action Pets, here you go

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Doutei Level 239 Zenith Xenon 4
a truly big waste of NX.

and the excuse was technical issues from the developer's end.
apparently gms allows multi pets around for many combinations but in kms if it's not part of a set then no interbreeding? lul
Nov 06 2014
xfairytales Level 209 Khaini Phantom 4
I was hoping the pet buffs would be fixed in a later patch. I went and scrolled all the pet demon equips for 10 atk each
Nov 06 2014
Coolerino Level 232 Scania Shade 4
sent my ticket ! woowee
Nov 06 2014
AssMuppet Level 223 Windia Bow Master
Ehhh the buffs stack if you use different action pets with each other.
Nov 06 2014
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