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If you could start any class at Lv150, what would YOU pick

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Al3cs2Bladez Level 170 Khaini Battle Mage 4
Title Says it all

I'd pick a dk

Edit: wow, just randomly on basil in december and see a thread that i knew was mine from september and i was like NO WAY XDD

anyway now i think id choose a demon slayer cuz im lazy xD
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prolly a sair or Shad or NL since i have never done a shad/nl past lvl 60 and my outlaw is lvl 84 i think sumthin like tat
Sep 28 2011
Zealocity Level 200 Renegades Buccaneer
Any Cygnus Knight. For the lulz.
Sep 28 2011
Either a BM, a sair, a shad, or a nl
Sep 28 2011
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