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If your wife died, would you ever marry another woman?

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Let's say you married this girl and you guys had kids. You were in the accident with your wife but she died and you survived.

Would you ever marry another woman?
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timmybitty Level 157 Broa Shade 4
As of right now I don't think I would but things can happen and change how I think.
Apr 13 2013
You reheat it. So you're saying do we bring out wife back to life or find another?[/quote]

drinking it cold is code for necrophilia
Apr 13 2013
I would be depressed if my wife died and id have to be alone with our kids. knowing me, i wouldnt date other women for a long time but if i ever get "over it" i would date with someone because i dont want to live alone, even if my wife died...
Apr 13 2013
FriedSnake Level 42 Broa Angelic Buster 2
Apr 13 2013
GuardianCreator Level 133 Scania Priest
I always wondered that question to this day...Always a split answer.
Main concern is the thought of never having you-know-what again...ALTHOUGH, is it really a problem if you're not getting married, but you're just getting it from ONS? :X
Them loopholes~~~
Apr 13 2013
no i don't believe in marriage twice... i would be with another woman though, just not get married
Apr 13 2013
AllDayErryDay Level 200 Windia Kaiser 4
It depends on the love I had for them. My first thought is... no, I wouldn't. If you're married to someone... the assumption is that you, at some point or the other, wanted to spend your entire life with your partner. That's what vows are all about, after all.

If you were truly in love with them, there's nobody you'd rather be with, in life or death. That being said, if it was a relationship that started to fail on multiple levels, I could see someone wanting to get re-married.
Apr 13 2013
No, i would never. I would remain faithful to my wife, like a gentleman would.
Apr 13 2013
I would. seen many other people get married after losing their hubby/wife around me.
Apr 13 2013
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