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Im running away tonight

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sceneangelx Level 200 Scania F/P Arch Mage
Any words of advice or encouragement? I might sleep on a beach far away until I find a friend to live with. I fought with my family to the point of abuse. I've been abused a lot through the years. I'm packing my bags later. I'm legal to leave without cops coming to get me this time. Thanks. And no I'm not running from my problems I'm solving it.
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sceneangelx Level 200 Scania F/P Arch Mage
Imo call the cops to tell them your parents are abusing you..[/quote]

No. Just forget that. There's plenty of times where I should've called child protective service. But I'll be ok.
Jun 02 2013
No. Just forget that. There's plenty of times where I should've called child protective service. But I'll be ok.[/quote]

You should really call the cops to tell them you're being abused, It's possible they'd be forced to go into treatment and you could have the whole house to yourself at those points. Who knows, maybe when they're treated you would have WONDERFUL parents?
Jun 02 2013
juliacat Level 122 Broa Bow Master
You should make a list of all the supplies you're bringing/how long the supplies will last if you havent done so already.
Jun 02 2013
Tasnia Level 77 Scania Kanna 3
@sceneangelx Oh man I'm really worried! How are the prospects of living with a friend- any of them willing to give you a place to stay? Have you tried contacting a homeless shelter? It will at least be a safe place to sleep. Remember to update your friends about your whereabouts at all times so that if you do go missing, someone can tell the police where you have been/where it'd be best to start looking. Um, do you have access a place to shower/a place with working electricity (either at your workplace or a friend's house)? Oh and it'd help to know some basic self defence including pressure points and easy KO areas. I remember two main things from my self defence lessons:
1. If ever someone attacks you, injure/attempt to break their knee (with any weapon you can get hold of) because that way they can't run after you.
2. If someone has grabbed you, use your fingers to jab into your eyes, your fingernails should prove deadly and sink into their eyes

Long-term wise, how long are you planning on being homeless for? :S
Jun 02 2013
Family issues are part of growing up, face them and learn how to deal with it. I'm sure lots of young people like yourself feel like you're the victim, but you should stop and think for a moment how evading your problems would effect you later on in life. Family relations are important and it would be shameful if they were broken.
Jun 02 2013
FightFightFight Level 208 Broa Cannoneer 4 Nimbus Guild
If you're being abused, why don't you just call Child Protective Agencies or whatever it's called that stops parents from being abusive/makes you safer or w/e they do to help. I think they'd move you to a safer home with some funds to get you started.
Jun 02 2013
A few things.

-Scissors. ALWAYS remember a pair of scissors.
-Make sure you bring clothes for their purpose, rather than for their looks.
-Bring a watch.
-A metal bottle of some sort. Something you could refill with water.
-New batteries. They'll last for a couple of years before they're rendered useless.
-A backpack, obviously. One with a fair amount of pockets.

If there's a local library, I'd recommend getting a card before you make your escape. Rent a book once in a while; being homeless isn't exactly entertaining.
Jun 02 2013
Antisora12 Level 141 Windia Blade Master
Try to look up a homeless shelter on google. If you find one near you, get your phone and put the address on your phone so you can locate it faster. Good Luck.
Jun 02 2013
HastyHeist Level 157 Galicia Blade Master
lmao your basil ID told me everything
Jun 02 2013
Remember to brush your teeth twice a day.
Shower at the beach.
Change your number.
Have a pocket knife. (For protection, to cut stuff)
Stay near the public.
Jun 02 2013
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