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Im voting for Trump

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mrsatan Level 207 Scania Blade Master
Trump is going to make America great again and there is nothing you sad pathetic liberals can do about it. He's going to build a big beautiful wall and protect our country from economic migrants so that it can prosper again. He'll smash Super Tuesday and then it will be a blood bath in the nationals (from Hillary's wherever lol). Bold, successful and triumphant. You can't ask for a better leader. #Trump2016 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
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zcrimsyn Level 30 Windia Mercedes 2
@bubaloo: I know that both parties are corrupted but the lesser of the two evils are the Democrats in my opinion. I understand the whole ordeal with Benghazi and how one can think Hillary is corrupted and needs to be in prison. However, when you think of our past president George W. Bush who had thousands of deaths during his term with a war that really shouldn't have had happen no one thinks twice about it. In fact everyone applauds him for doing so. Personally I think what Bush had done was just as bad as what happened during Benghazi. So why are people not upset at Bush and his wrong doings? Bush did not do anything but gave us major debt and let the terrorists escape. He shouldn't even been in office those both terms but somehow cheated the system to get in as well. Both parties are messed up though and I don't really like any of the a candidates running. I think we need better people than the ones we have running right now. I just hope that we get anyone in office besides Trump. Trump will just ruin the country even worse than it is now.
Mar 05 2016
aznseal Level 200 Broa Dark Knight
@bubaloo: I'm for "fair" taxing. In my future profession, I will be paying 40% in taxes. With Bernie's tax plan, I will be paying an additional 8.2% for universal healthcare ALONE. That's not including his plans for "free college". Not only am I paying 8.2% more for someone else's healthcare, universal healthcare will lower my personal income. So i'm getting my salary lowered AND I have to pay more. To put it in perspective, 8.2% of 200k is like 16k. I will have to pay for SOMEONE ELSE to go to university for every year I work. I think that's horsepoop. Right now the extremely wealthy (0.001%s, etc) pay less % tax than the upper-middle class because all of their assets are not as taxable. Their official salary is lower and they keep assets off-shores or in the form of other investments. If we can tax their assets fairly, the burden wouldn't be put on the middle-class as much.

As I said before; our economy sucks. If we need higher taxes, then so be it. But make it higher taxes for everyone, not just the middle class. I can get behind marginal tax increases if it's fair and if it ends up helping our country. I can't behind it if it benefits the hella wealthy even more, while simultaneously screwing my career.
Mar 05 2016
bubaloo Level 32 Windia Assassin
@aznseal: Totally agree. I'm not a fan of paying for something that isn't relevant to my own life. Why work hard if you're only going to be giving your money away to people who now have less incentive to put in the effort into their own lives. Bernie's system will only teach the people that it is ok to work less because you'll always be covered; it kills the basic principles of capitalism.

I totally agree that our economy needs some major improvement, but I don't agree that taxing the rich more is the only way to solve those problems.
Mar 05 2016
zcrimsyn Level 30 Windia Mercedes 2
@bubaloo: See that's the misconception that most Republicans have. You believe that the low class and middle class choose not to work and are lazy bums that spend there welfare on drugs and other things like that. Sure there are some bad apples but there are bad apples in every political party. You can't blame the whole system bc some people take advantage of certain systems. Also you claim that these low class and mid class population do not "work" as hard as the upper class. Which is also wrong.

In fact most of the upper class population sit all day in office, or are just born into a wealthy family. Most of the lower class and mid class population do the dirty work for your upper class. So in a way the lower and mid class are the hard workers in this country. These "jobs" that you claim immigrants are taking are the dirty work that no rich person or upper class would even want to do. Hardly any of the lower and mid class population are stealing your jobs bc even with working "hard" it's still impossible due to how expensive everything is for the lower and mid class.

I have been through school and it's still very hard to get a job in my field. I am still having to work from the bottom and dealing with debt from school that hasn't paid off. So it's pure B.S. how you can blame the lower and mid class population as lazy bums that do not try hard. A lot of the population tries hard. They just don't get anything bc the conservatives want to take everything that is helpful away, and only the wealthy population can afford to go through that route. I personally think that it's fine to tax the rich harder than the lower class. You can afford to lose it and it won't be as big of a deal as taxing the lower class harder. If I was rich I would still support being taxed more since it's going to a good cause despite the few that take advantage of the programs.
Mar 06 2016
zoglinemusic Level 56 Khaini Dark Knight
@Zzcrimsyn you're making a lot of assumptions but don't have anything to back it up
@aznseal When you have the highest corporate tax rate (or close to it) you create incentive for people/businesses to avoid these costs, especially those with the assets and knowledge to do so. I believe lowering taxes and switching to a flat tax would lead to an increase in wealth which means govt revenue would be about the same
Mar 06 2016
wanton Level 197 Bera Shadower See what games, anime & art wanton is intoWanton
i am excited for that wall to be built
Mar 06 2016
ashleyattacked Level 210 Scania Cannoneer 4 Reconcile Guild See what games, anime & art ashleyattacked is intoalisaattacked
@zcrimsyn: I don't think anyone of any consequence has that misconception. I think you're the one misunderstanding the issue.

You see - you're approaching this from the wrong angle. You're starting with a problem and trying to explain how it wasn't intentional and how welfare would help. But the issue with all of this has never been about charity, understanding the less fortunate/disabled, etc. The problem starts with money. People have their salary. A salary consists of money. Money, which is not the root of all evil, is basically an attempt at standardizing whatever we have on hand to 'barter' with. As such, money essentially represents the value of the product of our 'work.'

Salary, then, is an approximation of the work we do over a period of time. The issue here is that we're not a heartless society and there are some people who, in a world without charity, would die without said charity. This is where the complications you're referencing arise. There are a lot of differing opinions on where this charity should come from. For example, plenty of people think charity is their personal responsibility and they want to handle this on their own through their own means. Other people would rather such charity be accomplished by the government out of the pool of money they contribute via their taxes. In general, tho, this whole thing is thousands of times more complicated that I'm making it sound.

The problem, however, is that at any step of the way this welfare money represents directly the product of someone elses hard work. In essence, then, when this money is dispersed by the government what we have is a third party confiscating the product of someone elses hard work at the point of a gun (the government will force you to pay these taxes. They will approach you carrying a gun and they will do this under the threat of placing you in prison) and then redistributing that product (money which represents the hard work of the person who created it) based around their own dictates.

In general this is okay. People like to whine about it - but admittedly the situation is so complex that most people would rather just let someone else handle it for them. The issue that you're referring to, though, is that this sort of money will always remain tainted and it will always, on some level, represent a product that was not legitimately earned or created. When you go the next step and have this money dispersed as welfare to a disabled or poor person - there is a dilemma. Whereas previously the money had represented the product of hard work...there is now a disconnect. That money still represents the product of someone's hard work - but it is NOT the product of any work done by this new person. This is obvious...but it's something you truly need to consider when dealing with this subject. Remember the path we've taken: that money now received as welfare originally started as a product which had been created through the hard work of one person. At some point the product of that persons hardwork had been confiscated from them at the point of a gun and under the threat of prison. From there that product was pooled according to the dictates of people who neither earned nor owned it...and it was finally given away to someone unrelated from the beginning.

Now...I'm not trying to say anything here is fundamentally wrong, whether morally or legally...or that I could come up with a better system...but I am trying to explain why the handling of this money is a very contentious issue that a lot of people feel vert strongly about. I 100% agree that there are plenty of people who need assistance from the government. I 100% agree that many of these people have absolutely no other option and that their situation is conceivably a matter of life/death. The problem, though, is that the government is not dispersing something they created...and they're not dispersing something they own or deserve. Literally the only claim to this money that the government can make is that they stole it fair and square. As such...the issue becomes 'I'm disabled...I need to get the government to go crack some baseball bats and get some money for me.' The money was never the governments. What we're stuck with, then, is that on some level we've all agreed that welfare should exist, if only because we each know that if we suddenly come down with a case of a car accident and break our back - we won't have enough of our own money to handle things...we'll have to get some of someone elses money.

It's a really messy situation no matter how you approach it and no matter how charitable, greedy or dishonest you are. Again...I'm not trying to say the system is broke. I'm not trying to say it works. I'm not trying to judge it whatsoever. I'm just trying to explain to you why it can be a very contentious and emotional issue. Most people over simplify the issue to such a degree that they convince themselves that they should be politicians. Those people are wrong. In general...the clearer you can see this issue...the more biased and wrong you are. There is no right or wrong, no black or white...about the best you can hope to take home from it all is an appreciation that everyone has a right to feel the way they feel.
Mar 06 2016
thewolf Level 115 Scania Ranger
+1 Feel the Bern!
Can't Stump the Trump!
im fine with either, just not Hillary, I've heard nothing good about her beside her being the first female president if voted.
Mar 06 2016
aznseal Level 200 Broa Dark Knight
@zoglinemusic: flat tax wouldn't work because it hurts people in lower incomes. 20% for a person living paycheck to paycheck is a lot more daunting than 20% for a person making 500k.
Mar 07 2016
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