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Immortal Cave Screen

By daesily

daesily Level 210 Galicia Evan 10th Growth
Jul 28 2014 Take #1823876 of Immortal's third guild picture >.<

We had an amazing time with our three-part Immortal event, but we had to end it with our ever-so-big guild reunion!
Thank you (in order), Rei, Sarah, Derek, Terry, Ian, Behn, Kyle, Jeremy, Chasi, Ranie, Matt, Justin, Yimin, Richard, Nir, Franny, Ann, Ian, Lena, Josh, Sidney, Chris, Jhassper, Harry, Ash, and Emily and many other guildies (who, unfortunately, could not make it to our event and guild picture) for making Immortal as great as it is. We couldn't be here without you guys. Love you all<3

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Hobohopper Level 201 Reboot Bow Master
so cute I can't even
Jul 28 2014
Winite Level 212 Galicia Kanna 4
haha mir is hugeeeee~
Jul 29 2014
daesily Level 210 Galicia Evan 10th Growth
@ninjababe17, wow i like your username.... BUT OMG IM SORRY you were offline so i couldn't ask you to retake
Jul 29 2014
effjaycee Level 200 Galicia Bow Master
Next time choose a less portaly place
Aug 04 2014
daesily Level 210 Galicia Evan 10th Growth
@effjaycee ugh then how about you be online to vote on it >.<
Aug 04 2014

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