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Important Announcement Star Planet Closing Down

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xmaplelegend Level 31 Windia Kaiser 2 See what games, anime & art xmaplelegend is intoxmaplelegend
Star planet is being closed down when the patch arrives. Below is the official announcement from Nexon

Second, with the Strange Stories update this week we are planning to close down Star Planet. While we were initially excited about the introduction of Star Planet as an additional way for players to play mini-games with each other, the participation was not as high as we had hoped. When looking at the daily number of players who accessed Star Planet, we only saw less than 1% enter Star Planet from all worlds. We also know many of you expressed concern about losing an avenue to obtain reward points, so we looked into those concerns as well. We found that out of all the Maple Reward point rewards, less than 5% of them were obtained in Star Planet. This told us that players weren't really accessing Star Planet as much as we hoped and that players were finding Maple Reward points from other sources much more efficient to obtain. We understand that closing Star Planet will eliminate an additional source of Maple Reward points, so we plan to increase the amount of Reward points awarded during events in the future.

I can't believe they are taking it down, it was a great way to earn Reward Points and have fun instead of just grinding all day.

What do you guys think of this?

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xmaplelegend Level 31 Windia Kaiser 2 See what games, anime & art xmaplelegend is intoxmaplelegend
@nitsua2789: Just because KMS did something doesn't mean GMS has to as well. KMS has Star Planet mobile app so they can still play it on their phone to get Reward Points but we didn't get the app.
Oct 19 2016
lamato Level 233 Windia Shadower SquishyNoobs Guild
We are getting some form of compensation with events that will give us additional (probably 2x) the amount of RP gained from other methods. Also with the removal of Star Planet, and thus, Mix-Dye coupons, I'm sure they will put Mix-Dye coupons in the Cash Shop/Reward shop soon.
Oct 19 2016
xmaplelegend Level 31 Windia Kaiser 2 See what games, anime & art xmaplelegend is intoxmaplelegend
@lamato: Star planet allows any players Level 33 and over to get Reward Points. Star Planet was fair because damage does not matter and everyone has a fair chance to get Reward Points.

With bosses, higher level players with better damage range has the advantage in getting Reward Points. Just doubling the reward points for bosses only make the gap between unfunded and funded even higher and it not fair.

Star planet was fair.

If a replacement is to be given, it has to be something where more damage doesn't mean getting RP easier.
Oct 19 2016
whatisakelly Level 215 Windia Mercedes 4 See what games, anime & art whatisakelly is intowhatisakelly
Thank goodness I became a Shining Star and obtained my mixed dye coupon one week before it closed down. (':
Oct 19 2016
twopointonefour Level 240 Scania Bow Master
Oh well. I stopped going to star planet since legends return is just terrible for latency. I already make so much RP every day that I don't even bother now.

Everyone collect mobs, send them to explore. Easy ones are the Magnus row and Ephinea row. These 2 are worth 190~250 RP when they finish their 24 hour exploration.
Oct 19 2016
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