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In terms of the re balanced/ revamped classes

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HorrorsLove Level 123 Windia Jett 4
Are Mercedes and Angelic Busters decent again?
Posted: October 2013 Permalink


SirJayGatsby Level 184 Khaini Corsair
The fact that most people have no clue how good there character is until someone tells them is a problem.
Oct 25 2013
Grim Level 213 Renegades Blade Master DarkRelic Guild
Everyone think Angelic Buster has amazing damage again and while that is true they still don't hit many lines of damage so their best move is the Soul Seeker one..and imo everything else is kinda eh. But I guess it depends if you want to see load of lines or just one super op line.
Oct 25 2013

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