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Inaccurate Scroll Percentage Effect Increases

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Ahrlahn Level 71 Scania Aran 3
The following is an email sent to nexon,
it references a relatively small sample sized recent (dec 27, 2014) experiment with clean slate scroll 10% scrolling and dilligence/guild % effects.
Would love to get more input and other recent experiences with these skill effects that either confirm or debunk the findings of this experiment.

"RykoKing, MercesQueen
[account name]
Inaccurate Scroll Percentage Effect Increases

I've had a suspicion of the percentage effects of dilligence and guild scroll % effects after one of the more recent updates and decided to do a small experiment with 2 separate characters with differing levels of scroll success % increase effects. Here are the results:

Within the past 2 hours I've scrolled a little more than 50 times using the 10% clean slate scrolls.

A little more than 20 of these scrolls were used on a character, MercesQueen without any scroll effects (dilligence is 0 and no guild scroll skill) and as per the expected value this character successfully scrolled twice.

On a second character, RykoKing who used the remainder of the scrolls at effectively an additional 9.5% (4%+ from the guild skill and 5.5%+ from lvl 57 dilligence), I used more than 30 scrolls and have not seen a success.

I believe that the scroll success % skills are in effect hurting scroll% rates.

For the sake of player awareness I will be posting this email and it's albeit small sample size findings on public forums. And will update the forums with your responses as they come.

Thank you for your time and effort."
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boredtodeath555 Level 211 Zenith Demon Slayer 4 TalesSeries Guild
Please have Nexon check this over for us. And maybe ask them to see to it that spell traces and the like are being affected by the character's traits and such as well. Spell traces are the new normal scrolls after all, and we work for our scroll rate % success, so there shouldn't be any question as to why these should be affected.
Dec 27 2014
ox0Shad0w0xo Level 206 Broa Night Walker 4 Abyssel Guild
It's called bad luck plain and simple. The way I always explain the scroll chances are: think of it like a roulette wheel split into 10 pieces, 1 piece says "success" the other 9 say "fail" Obviously if you land on any of the "fail" spaces then the scroll fails. So if your luck is bad you could land on those fail spaces again and again. The fact that you landed on a fail space before, has no bearing on what you land on for your next try.

People tend to mistake the success rate as a guarantee. Like oh it's 10%, and that's a 1 in 10 chance, so I should pass 1 every 10 attempts. But it's simply based on chance and your luck, whether that be good luck or bad. For example I've failed 7 60%'s in a row before. The probability of that happening is very low, but it's still possible to keep landing on those "fail" spaces.
Dec 27 2014
maj48 Level 207 Scania Mercedes 4 Reconcile Guild
Sample size is too small to make an accurate conclusion. If you experience these effects with about 2000 css you can go ahead and report it.
Dec 27 2014
XcoldshadowX Level 22 Windia
Diligence was never meant to affect clean slate scrolls.
Dec 27 2014
Renkotesu Level 212 Khaini Night Lord Renkotesu Guild
I agree that the sample size is too small. Unless you're using a sample amount of 1000 or more scrolls, the amount you used is quite negligible and doesn't provide a wide spectrum of data. That being said, even if you get data that doesn't seem accurate to what the scrolls are meant to do, it's still determined by a chance success rate, which is pretty much a coded script that makes it seem like an assured percentage success or fail rate.

All in all, it's pretty pointless when trying to dispute something that has a low success rate, as there bound to be times when you fail a lot of them consecutively. Now, if you found out that there's a chance that a scroll with 100% can fail, then that's something you can dispute.
Dec 27 2014
Swo0o0sh Level 136 Scania Blade Master
Sorry budd, you wasted your time and effort on a pointless experiment. Diligence & guild bonus doesn't affect clean slates
Dec 27 2014
Omniscient1 Level 146 Bellocan Blade Master
First of all 2 hrs only does not do crap. You need to scroll for a whole lot more in order to figure out if the scroll rate is correct or not. Lastly, like others stated slates are considered "special" scrolls. Which means your diligence does not affect the effectiveness. Quit thinking everything is glitched up because you're unlucky.
Dec 27 2014

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