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Incoming Masteria Update?

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maplefreak26 Level 150 Scania Shade 4
A couple of days ago, KThxBaiNao posted a contest on the forums with two intriguing images, asking us to create a story. He said these two images are from a future patch.

Interesting choices for images, right? I thought to myself, the second one looks kind of like it would fit in Masteria? But I took that with a bucket of salt, because Nexon has long ignored Masteria and it has never received a proper, well-deserving update in about 7 years.

I posted my thought on Southperry. Some agree that it might be Masteria, some were intrigued by the images. Some suggested it might be a part of Heaven Empire, part of Dawnveil/Commerci. I admittedly am not aware of much of the Dawnveil story/continent so I don't have any input there.

Then, a couple of days later. KThxBaiNao posted the following image on Facebook:;oe=5750F934

Obviously, he modified it to cover up any potential spoilers of upcoming content. But as much as I love Masteria, I don't really have a full grasp on the story. I was intrigued, and this seemed to be like this content was actually going to be decent.

Then, earlier today, KThxBaiNao posted another image on Facebook:

The text he included with was in regards to the new banning policy changes, which is unrelated to the image. But the image is interesting nonetheless.

xparasite pointed out that the blonde guy is NPC Lukan in Crimsonwood Keep and suggested that this is a younger version of him, going back in time in Olde Sappe Village (which is the village that disappeared 1000 years before the Masteria continent resurfaced and NLC appeared).

During the JQ stream on Twitch today, KThxBaiNao had this image up in the beginning of the stream:

Behind our lovely CM, doesn't that look like something with castle walls is underwater (look slightly to the right)?

At the end of the stream, this image was put up:

Three of the characters have a symbol on their head. If you take a look at the previous artwork, you would also notice that the other characters also have a mark (or none).
By the way, this is the same image in the thumbnail for the new Maple Minutes Ep. 2.

What do you think all leads to? It's expected that Nexon will post their update spotlight on Wednesday (they usually post these a week before a patch). All events end for this patch by Mar. 9.
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pokiitia Level 250 Bera Phantom 4
when u remove the hair of the lady in the first link she looks like voldemort
@below ayyy no more black star pot inflation
Mar 01 2016
highqualityz Level 200 Reboot Dawn Warrior 4
Does anyone know if the next patch will be the one that makes Cra bosses not drop the equips anymore?
Mar 01 2016
highqualityz Level 200 Reboot Dawn Warrior 4
@kaneki: nu, that's nexon. Im just the secretary.
Mar 01 2016
doomfire77 Level 200 Broa Blaze Wizard 4
this is some good speculation, i hope we get some good unique content for once instead of the norm copy pate, damn it really though all i want is an nx transfer event
Mar 01 2016
I would love a meaningful expansion to Masteria.
Mar 01 2016
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