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Infamous ACT/SAT Test

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luckysausage Level 118 Windia Night Lord See what games, anime & art luckysausage is intoluckysausage
Recently I realized that my ACT score is the only thing that might prevent me from getting in a college that I really like.

Right now my total score is 26, but I want to get it to 30 over 3 months. I've spent a lot of hours studying but my score stagnated and I think its how I study that's causing my score to stay.

Reading section- I keep running out of time and lose focus.

Science section- I get stuck on questions and run out of time. This sections feels weird to me because it doesn't ask straightforward science questions

So I need the most help for my reading and science section. How did you guys study for those sections? What are your strategies and tips? I've found that "learning from the questions that you get wrong" seems to be kinda difficult from them.
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irlesley Level 200 Mardia Buccaneer
Similar to you, I've always had problems managing my time when actually taking the exam. However, I took the SAT instead of the ACT, but I'm sure the format is similar.
Taking AP Lit really pushed me to my limit, and I learned quite a few tips there.

1-When reading, never look back. Read once, move on. Make full use of your time and never doubt yourself or overthink the question. Skim as much as possible, and once you get the gist of the central idea, write a quick 5-7 word summary of the text.
2-To prevent yourself from losing focus, use these marking methods to understand and dissect the text to make it easier for you to understand.
(Underline what you think supports main idea. Exclamation mark when you're sure that it is the main idea. Circle names, dates, places. Question mark when you have no idea what's going on. Plus sign when you sense a positive tone, minus when you sense a negative tone in the text.)
3- If necessary, if you find yourself stuck on a question for more than a minute, move on. Do this rather than waste time dwelling over one question that you could have used answering other questions.
4- Process of elimination, self explanatory. If you find yourself stuck between a 50/50 choice, use your gut and make an educational guess.

The test makers make the text long, boring and difficult to understand on purpose. They know teens easily lose focus. A physical way to prevent this is to suck on hard candy (like peppermint) or take quick reality checks (like blinking really hard or biting your tongue.) I know it sounds weird but it kept me alert for my 3-4 hours lol.
These are things you probably already do; you should read as a refresher anyway. ^_^

1-Buy a review book.
2-Section off each chapter/subsection with sticky notes and label them.
3-Skip or briefly look over the chapters you're already confident in. Don't waste time cramming the entire book.
4-Use flashcards to write down any definitions/formulas/whatever that you're sure you're gonna have trouble memorizing.
5-Test yourself daily with the flashcards, go back to the questions and test your knowledge. Write down your mistakes on flashcards and memorize.
tl;dr: None. Reading this lump of text may help you practice maintaining focus lol.
Jul 28 2017
tiesandbowties Level 50 Broa Assassin
SAT I + SAT II subject tests are better than taking ACT imo and is better at showcasing to colleges the subjects you are proficient in
Jul 29 2017
zoglinemusic Level 56 Khaini Dark Knight
@tiesandbowties: can't you just take ACT and the subject tests? It's what I did and it worked out for me.

@luckysausage: feel like you've been writing threads about applying for college for like 4 years. I remember reading your posts when I was in 10th grade. For me reading and science were just about taking a few practices, developing a good pace, and being confident enough that I didn't need to double/triple check the passages/images

Also try both the SAT and ACT to see what you like better
Jul 30 2017
luckysausage Level 118 Windia Night Lord See what games, anime & art luckysausage is intoluckysausage
@irlesley @helpingly @tiesandbowties @zoglinemusic
read over everything ty yall. I'd agree that the SAT might actually be better for me since I've done much better in the reading section there. And then the math and section would be easier to study for in the SAT as well. Took the SAT like more than a year ago so my skills might have improved.

yeah I should've mentioned it but I'll be an incoming freshman to a college. I haven't even started attending it and I'm glad I got into it lol but there's these two other colleges that deferred me that I was dying to get into. And I'm pretty sure 2-3 points in my ACT would've made the difference. So that's why I'm planning to try to transfer to them in 6 months.

I'll probably be writing threads about applying to colleges in another 4 years when it's time for grad school lol.
Jul 30 2017
fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
All I did was

1) take 60-previously-used-ACT-questions practice test English teacher makes for the reading/writing part
2) score 100%
3) don't study at all
4) take ACT with no stress
5) get a 32 composite

Tip: for the reading part, read each story, do not skim or skip it, because then you'll just have to go back to it and not know where to look when you're answering the Q's. This is probably a big reason lots of people run out of time.

Tip: seriously don't panic so much. If you are taking too long on a question, like long enough for you to realize its been 30 seconds of you staring at the page, then skip it and come back when you've finished the rest in that section. If you still can't get it, then take an educated guess.

I dunno how I do so good on standardized tests, maybe I'm just a fast reader or something.
Aug 01 2017
luckysausage Level 118 Windia Night Lord See what games, anime & art luckysausage is intoluckysausage
@fradddd: the tips were pretty helpful and amazing that you got 32, but can you go more in depth with your reading section strategies?

I find it hard to "just do it" because I struggle with finding the detailed answers of a couple questions.

Do you skim over the questions first and then read, or read the passage in detail first?

Also do you read a lot in general? I don't, and I think that might be the problem.
Aug 01 2017
fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
@luckysausage I think I usually just read the passage then answered the questions. Maybe it would help you to read the questions first then read the passage though.

I used to read quite a bit, and I do now sometimes, so yeah I kinda grew up doing it. Maybe that's why I'm good at the reading part, but I also did pretty well with the other parts so idk

edit: by the way, if you just Google "act reading strategies" you'll find a ton more answers than you would here.
Aug 02 2017

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