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katiepotato Level 207 Arcania Wind Archer 4
So earlier today, I was rolling my ability and happened to get this
I was wondering if %boss or %buff duration would be more beneficial
Note: I do not have (2) 25% boss nebs which I am trying to get. Also, for the recent class changes wind archers will soon get an extra 40% boss
I felt that since by boss damage will be close to 300 after those changes, the buff duration would be more beneficial, but I dunno
What do my fellow wind archers think? c:
Posted: August 2015 Permalink


straatlamp Level 212 Scania Wind Archer 4 Studio Guild
Getting buff duration isn't a must, it just makes it more convenient really.
Seeing that you already have 100% crit I wouldn't reroll your 17% boss unless you really feel that you have too much %boss/total.
Until the revamp, you're good to go.
Aug 18 2015

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