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Inner Ability

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I havent played for a while, I have 32% buff duration and a heap of circulators, should I keep this? by the way what does reset do.
Posted: January 2015 Permalink


SheakItUp Level 209 Khaini Shade 4
What job are you and I would keep the buff duration. The reset button is another type of resetting your inner ability with the amount of honor points. You can also lock the tier and reset so it will not let you drop or increase the tier, And if I was you just save up the honor points so you can lock reset tier when your at legendary. Which should be your last upgrading to do. Trust me it should be because I wasted about 343k nx to get + 1 attk speed inner and I still did not get it.
Jan 20 2015
donkreeq Level 204 Renegades Xenon 4
Final cut is beast at the moment and I am going to go for buff duration over 5% boss unique inner. I am a Phantom. I just want 50% Buff Duration in order to maintain ongoing Final Cut buff. If I can hit 30% still better than what I have.
Jan 20 2015

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