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Inner abilities - Item Drop 19%, Boss 20 Screen

By antonio06

antonio06 Level 236 Scania Phantom 4
Aug 15 2014 Well... after many honor exp, I finally got it!

Should i go for the third line as well?

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alex1234181 Level 202 Galicia Cannoneer 4
whats the best way to get honor? their is no way you can just be using those medals
Aug 19 2014
Antonio06 Level 236 Scania Phantom 4
Yes, I used those models to obtain those abilities (except for the 20% boss which I used an S circulator when it was available).
The best way to get honor is by farming honor medal. I farm them while training so there is no problem for me. You can farm them at evolution too, it is quicker there.
Aug 19 2014

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