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Insane traits? i think so. Screen

By Feeling

Feeling Level 250 Bera Aran 4
Jan 01 2012 Well, this is my friend JusticeAura. If you're in Bera I'm sure you've heard of him. (NovaMystical, EternalEvan). Here are his traits. His traits are.... by far the highest leveled I've ever seen lol. If anyone has all traits maxed, or higher than his, I'd like to see it. xD

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ItsRichyXD Level 184 Zenith Buccaneer
Oh my goodness that must've taken forever to get
Jan 01 2012
ppl do this for the blue hexagon
Jan 01 2012
I play in bera and i've never heard of him. I don't want to hear about him,and i don't want to know his existance. I'm just gonna pretend i never saw this 'cause he's not famous
Jan 01 2012

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