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Inside the deku tree Screen

By Luiss

Luiss Level 141 Galicia Blade Recruit
Nov 16 2010 One of my favorite hangouts in Maple. Reminds me of the Deku tree from Ocarina of Time.

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biyomon3 Level 162 Bellocan Battle Mage 4
ocarina of time is still my favorite game
Nov 16 2010
Luiss Level 141 Galicia Blade Recruit
Not much of a hangout if its just for a quest.[/quote]

I hanged out here 4 times before finishing off the quest. Thank you very much.
Nov 17 2010
ZombieZerps Level 143 Arcania Demon Slayer 4
ok dont compare this game to the amazing legend of zelda Ocarina of Time. kthnxbai
Nov 17 2010
Anastas, Deku is basically in alot of the Zelda games.
Ahh I remember Ocarina of Time such good times. I remember pulling the sword out of the Temple of Time and he turns older. Ahh.. old games are the best.
I also remember Majora's Mask The Fierce Diety Mask.
Maple copied Zelda's Temple of Time. I remember the music in the temple too, so good. I love the "Song of Time"
Nov 18 2010
ProBlades Level 70 Bera Aran 3
It'd make a nice hangout spot if it didnt have a time limit or a restriction for entering.
Nov 18 2010

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